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Site Maintenance/Links Not Working??

Hi everyone! I completely forgot about the fact that there existed a sticky post function which would increase the chances that this announcement gets to more people than just the people following the latest release!

I’ve recently been doing site maintenance, aka fixing the links from chp 401-600 because I messed up on the numbering, which accounts for some of the issues people have with the emoticon links not linking to the right chapters. If you don’t yet know about the emoticon links system, check below.

Meanwhile, there will likely be duplicate emoticon links on many of the release posts for chp 401-600 because as I was replacing the link comments with updated ones, Disqus decided I was spamming and blocked my account.

I’ve messaged them and set the issue aside for now to move on to prepping more releases, but I may be posting with a new disqus account in the future…

Sorry for all the issues, but please refer to the TOC for chapter links for the time being if you’re not on the latest releases yet!


What’s wrong with the release posts? Why are they linking to the wrong chapters?

The release posts link to old chapters because other sites tend to use bots to copy the pages my posts link to. To get to the actual chapters, scroll down on the post until you get to the comments section, then click on the emoticons in my comment. The emoticons contain links to the chapters in chronological order.

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