3.13.2024 Update:

Always recruiting translators and MTL editors!

No experience necessary.

Kaho will be going through next round of applications around Dec 2024.


Recruiting Translators~

My goal is quality so try to aim for:

  • Accurate translations of the raws. No skipping non-redundant details or substituting random things for words you don’t know.
  • Quality translations. Chapter must be grammatically correct for the most part with minimal errors and flow smoothly in English.
  • Translate/edit eight chapters a week. (This is probably a commitment of 4 hours for translators, 2 hours for editors, 5 (?) hours for machine translators) If you apply, make sure you have the free time + dedication to translate/edit at least eight chapters a week.

However, as long as you have the time and desire to improve, you should apply! There will be a training period of up to 8 chapters after the initial screening to help you get familiar with the novel!

Application process:
Email me @ [email protected] with the following information and test documents (if applicable).
Applications will be reviewed around Dec 2021.

Chinese Translator (working with machine translation and an MTL editor):

  • email subject: Translator Application
  • Look through the resources in this folder and read the ones relevant to the role you’re applying for, whether that be a translator working alone or a translator working with an mtl editor. Translator Resources Folder
  • Please email about your interest and include the following info:
    • What are your pronouns?
    • Availability in the upcoming period of time when applications will be reviewed (if you know)?
    • Chinese knowledge background, the more details the better.
    • Are you comfortable with PG-13 arcs?
    • How much of QTF have you read?
    • If you translate faster without working off of machine translation and without the help of an editor, please specify that you’re applying to work as a non-MTL translator.
  • Kaho will reach out and set up an initial test for you asap, then review the results around recruitment season.

Editor (closed):

  • email subject: Editor Application
  • Editor Test Google Doc
  • Please make a copy of the google doc and edit in suggestion mode, then send the link to me in the email.

Machine Translation Editor:

  • email subject: Machine Translation Editor Application
  • Read: MTL editor guidelines
  • Please make a copy of the following Machine Translation Editor Test Google Doc and edit in suggestion mode, then send the link to me in the email.
  • Edit: Machine Translation Editor Test Google Doc
  • Note: if the machine translation makes no sense, do your best to consider the context and make it make sense.
  • Note: There’s no need to know Chinese, just have a strong sense of English grammar. It’s a bonus if you’ve read a lot of Chinese novels and know how the cliches go.
  • Note: If you know Chinese and would like to work off of MTL as a translator, please follow the application process for translators.

If you would like to read about more details on what I’m looking for in each of these positions and the tentative payment scheme, visit The Grand Plan Google Doc.

Translation Tips:

  • Use a Chinese-English dictionary rather than google translate. Pick the definition based on the context rather than modify the context to fit the definition you think is correct.
  • With sayings and slang words that aren’t in dictionaries, try searching on google ‘[term] [意思]’ and check sites like baidu and douban for community answers. Of course, the answers will be in Chinese which will help with comprehension over time.
  • For things like court ranks, famous places, and legends, try searching up what it means in baidu, then using descriptive terms to find if there’s an already defined English equivalent for the term.
  • If something makes no sense, consider the homophones. There’s a lot of typos in this story.

Grammar Tips:

  • Keep things in past tense.
  • Use American punctuation and spelling, which means it should be ‘color’ instead of ‘colour’ and “done.” instead of “done”.
  • Chinese sentences are organized differently from English sentences, so ignore the Chinese sentence structure and punctuation. Break the English translation into sentences based on English grammar rules.


Apply to Join the QTF Team!

More translators and machine translation editors are always welcome! Visit the recruitment page to learn more! Kaho will be going through the next round of applicants around Dec 2021.

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