WordPress Plugin for Setting a Featured Image Through Url

I tried like 5 different wordpress plugins before finally finding one that worked, which is Nelio Content! It’s mainly for facilitating efficient updates. It offers automatically generated social media updates of new posts, and it looks like it has a convenient calendar for scheduling posts as well. I haven’t explored much into the other features… Read More WordPress Plugin for Setting a Featured Image Through Url

Reviews vs

Url shorteners are easy ways of gaining revenue on sites since they can be pretty quick and simple to implement, there’s usually no screening process for sites, and you can force people to click through ads by making the shortened links the only option. Of course, when I was trying it out, I made the… Read More vs


Tried Out Wordads

Application Process: The application process was pretty straightforward. When I applied, my monthly views on butterflyscurse was about 40,000 and I was approved within 3 days. To apply, I added the Jetpack plugin, connected this site to a wordpress account, and linked using the free plan. Then I applied for wordads here, I think. At… Read More Tried Out Wordads