Happy April Fools!

This is afternoon on wordpress time so all news are true!

#1. I promised a certain reader some bonus chapters a while ago, and I’ll be making good on the promise today! (Thank God for spring break.)

Chapter 86-90 are the bonus chapters and on Mon regular releases will resume from chapter 91.


#2. Actively recruiting translators!!

Come apply! Patreon revenue will be split! Application process is chill! You lose nothing from applying or getting rejected!

I’ve never worked directly with other translators before, so I don’t really have an idea of how good your application has to be. But, finished products have to be high quality, so expect to face strict training if your grammar isn’t polished.

If there are any questions please leave a comment below.

Recruiting MTL Editors!

Currently recruiting 2 MTL editors! Also always recruiting translators! No experience necessary, just need people who are willing to learn, have free time, and love the novel. Will start looking through applications on June 7th!

Requirements for machine translation editor:

• 8 chps a week (~5 hrs per week) • excellent English grammar (basically a super good editor) • extensive knowledge of CN novels, knowledge of Chinese is not necessary • ability to judge when the MTL is nonsense and good at editing it into easily readable English otherwise • work collaboratively with a CN translator More details in this doc

MTL editor guidelines

MTL editor test doc

MTL editor test doc Please make a copy of the google doc and edit in suggestion mode, then send the link to me in the email.

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