Tried Out Wordads

Application Process:

The application process was pretty straightforward. When I applied, my monthly views on butterflyscurse was about 40,000 and I was approved within 3 days.

To apply, I added the Jetpack plugin, connected this site to a wordpress account, and linked using the free plan. Then I applied for wordads here, I think. At the same time I download the adcontrol plugin and enabled it, so ads immediately started showing up.

After Being Accepted:

On wordpress, I could see a tab named ‘Ads’ which had an earnings and settings tab. The settings tab only contains personal info and the earnings tab is shown below. There’s no option to view stats in realtime and apparently they only post the earnings at the end of the month following the target month. Aka, Feb stats are posted near end of March.


Mon 3/20/18 in the morning

Mon 3/20/18 in the afternoon

Very hard to trust an organization that not only will not reveal stats, but also makes mistakes in the final report. Then there’s the fact that there’s only $0.85. 呵呵。。。

Customer Support:

The contact chat did not ever reply to me, though I messaged them twice. Maybe it’s because I’m on the free plan.

The forums did reply to me overnight though, which was nice. However, the happiness engineer simply gave me the standard response that I saw on several other threads, and it definitely did not make me any happier (aka $0.85 is what you get), so I decided to leave the program.



I liked the fact that the ads were not very intrusive, not laggy, and were added automatically. It allowed me to focus solely on posting as usual without having to take the time to fix extra links. The application process was also simple and they responded quickly.

Haha, but the revenue wasn’t even enough for a cup of coffee.

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