Recruiting Translators~

My goal is quality so try to aim for:

  • Accurate translations of the raws. No skipping non-redundant details or substituting random things for words you don’t know.
  • Quality translations. Chapter must be grammatically correct for the most part with minimal errors and flow smoothly in English.
  • Translate three chapters a week. If you apply, make sure you have the free time + dedication to translate at least three chapters a week.

Application process:

Translate the page of random passages and email it to me at [email protected] with the subject ‘translator application’ if you’d like to apply.

Quick Note:

  • I will be splitting Patreon revenue for this series, but money shouldn’t be your main goal. Translating will take time and effort, so please do it because you love this series and enjoy seeing other people’s reaction to it.

Translation Tips:

  • Use a Chinese-English dictionary rather than google translate. Pick the definition based on the context rather than modify the context to fit the definition you think is correct.
  • With sayings and slang words that aren’t in dictionaries, try searching on google ‘[term] [意思]’ and check sites like baidu and douban for community answers. Of course, the answers will be in Chinese which will help with comprehension over time.
  • For things like court ranks, famous places, and legends, try searching up what it means in baidu, then using descriptive terms to find if there’s an already defined English equivalent for the term.
  • If something makes no sense, consider the homophones. There’s a lot of typos in this story.

Grammer Tips:

  • Keep things in past tense.
  • Use American punctuation and spelling, which means it should be ‘color’ instead of ‘colour’ and “done.” instead of “done”.
  • Chinese sentences are organized differently from English sentences. They usually have a topic clause, then following detail clauses. That’s why an entire paragraph is often just one sentence. This doesn’t work in English, so you’ll have to split up the sentences carefully, grouping them by subjects and actions. Use a conjunction to link two independent clauses or split them into two sentences.


In regards to editors:

I’m currently not planning to work with an editor on this series. However, if you’re confident that you can improve my translations significantly, you’re welcome to try and convince me by editing a chapter and emailing it to me. Editor positions may also open up if there’s a translator on board who wants an editor.