QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1699

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Chapter 1699: Wasn’t a Qualified Autopsy Technician

As she took in this horrifying scene, Ning Shu felt like a giant hammer was hammering at her heart. She felt dizzy.

Ning Shu’s stomach churned with the desire to vomit, especially since the house smelled of blood mixed with filth from the stomach and intestines.

It was disgusting.

This task kept challenging people’s ability to accept things each and every time.

The uncle looked at the body with an indifferent expression, then turned away. It seemed he had no intention of performing an autopsy.

He seriously wasn’t a qualified autopsy technician. After all, weren’t things all the same once the body was dissected?

Ning Shu covered her nose and walked into the room. It was small and had a spittoon in the corner that was temporarily used as a toilet.

This was here because it was too cold at night. The bathroom was in the inner courtyard, and no one would be able to rest properly with people running up and down the stairs. And it was seriously too cold.

That meant the man had been using the restroom when he got hung up.

The dissected body was still warm, and there was a bit of steam visible. The male features had changed beyond recognition, though.

His mouth was stuffed with rags. His eyes were protruding, and he was barely holding on. When he saw Ning Shu, his eyes begged, but in the end, he still breathed his last.

795 walked in, glanced at the body, shook his head, and said, “That’s too cruel.”

This would make the person suffer the pain for longer.

Ning Shu sighed and said to 795, “Let’s get him down.”

All in all, this was the eighth one.

“I’ll do it.” 595 sat the body down, leaving a long trail of blood.

Ning Shu went downstairs and saw the pregnant Liu Manman looking at the sawed-up corpse. There was a cold smile in her eyes.

When she turned her head and saw Ning Shu, she immediately lowered her head, shrinking into a corner.

Ning Shu walked over to her, narrowed her eyes, and asked, “He’s the one who raped you, right?”

Liu Manman kept her head down without saying anything.

Ning Shu couldn’t help but rub her forehead. This was unbelievably confusing.

Another death.

Ning Shu asked 795, “Do you have any clues?”

“In any case, it was this group that did it. It’s possible that it’s a coordinated effort.” 795 said, “There were messy footprints on the ground of different sizes, so there were obviously more than two of them.”

“Weren’t you upstairs? Didn’t you hear any noise?” asked Ning Shu. She and the uncle had been chatting downstairs.

795 brushed back his hair. “It happened too quickly. It only took a short while, so the crime scene must have been set up beforehand.”

“I think it was two men. Girls don’t go into the men’s restroom.” In the girls’ rooms, the spittoon was behind the room’s door.

795 took a deep breath. “This task is really suspenseful.”

“If everyone dies, we’ll be forced to reincarnate. I have a method to avoid elimination. How about you?” 795 asked Ning Shu, “Every reincarnation is equivalent to being eliminated once.”

Ning Shu: …

She felt like dying. Why did she take on one of these tasks?

“Do you have a suspect?” asked Ning Shu. “We can’t just sit around like this.”

“I suspect that the deaths of these people is a religious ritual.” 795 speculated, “There are some religions that have fanatics who would use all sorts of extreme methods to demonstrate their loyalty and faith in the religion.”

Ning Shu thought about it and asked, “A religious ceremony?”

“But Liu Manman killed those two girls.” Ning Shu said, “There are too many other factors at play. Also, 696 was killed by a task-taker.”

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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