QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1781

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Chapter 1781: Just Seizing an Opportunity

Chen Li was a man with ancient customs and traditions weaved into his bones. He lived in a society where the feudal emperor was a god. Hence, he didn’t really dare to rebel from the bottom of his heart. Even if the officers and soldiers were excessive in their actions, he just wanted to teach them a lesson. Chen Li really didn’t dare to truly rebel.

Ning Shu had experienced a lot of worlds and was relatively indifferent. Historical changes were the norm. New life would replace the old, and traditions would change every generation. It was the rule of heaven and the cycle of rebirth.

“Brother, you are just seizing an opportunity. It has nothing to do with rebellion,” Ning Shu said.

Chen Li: “→_→, don’t try to fool me.”

While Chen Li was in a dilemma, the woman caught by the officers and soldiers was giving them a hard time. Her resistance made them very impatient. One of them drew his saber and stabbed the woman in the abdomen, then kicked her away.

The woman fell to the ground and clutched her abdomen. Warm blood gushed out between her fingers.

“Sister, Sister…” The younger brother stumbled to the woman and stammered in panic, “Sister, don’t leave me. I’m scared, Sister…”

The officers and soldiers laughed wildly. They couldn’t care less about the woman who died on the ground. Fueled by their wanton desires, they pulled up another woman and threatened her, “Take care of us well. Else, you know what happens.”

The woman was so frightened that her face lost all color. She asked for help from the people around her in a panic, “Help me!”

Ning Shu walked in front of the officers and soldiers. When they saw her, they immediately stroked their chins and lewdly laughed out loud. “What? Do you want to serve us lords instead of her?”

Ning Shu smiled slightly before kicking the crotch of an officer with great force. The man let out a guttural sound from his throat, then his eyes rolled back. He fell to the ground with foam in his mouth.

The officer convulsed twice and died. He died from overwhelming pain!

Chen Li: …

Everyone around was stunned for a moment. The other officers and soldiers were first to regain their composure. They were truly enraged this time. “Presumptuous! Are you trying to rebel?”

Chen Li raised the sharp dagger in his hand and shouted, “Everyone, these ruthless minor officials treat us like cattle and kill us whenever they want. I’m afraid we will be killed by them before we can even reach the dam.

“Don’t tell me you want to die just like that? Do you want to see your women get defiled by these brutes?”

“Impudent.” An officer drew out his saber to kill Chen Li. Chen Li dodged the attack clumsily. He then slit the officer neck with the dagger in his hand. Flowers of blood bloomed everywhere.

Chen Li’s face turned a little pale. However, once his hands were stained with warm blood, a different feeling grew in his heart.

He roared at the top of his lungs, “They are humans too, just like us. They can also be killed.”

“You pay back my sister’s life.” The younger brother of the woman from earlier rushed towards the officers and soldiers.

These officers and soldiers could no longer control the riot. On the road here, too many emotions had accumulated in everyone’s hearts. They felt like they were suppressing a volcano in their bodies.

Even well-trained soldiers would mutiny, let alone the common people who had a strong herd mentality.

Once someone resisted, others would follow their lead. Adding on the resentment in these villagers’ hearts, they launched a full-blown attack on their captors, these officers and soldiers.

In the end, the group of unarmed people killed more than twenty officers and soldiers in total.

Ning Shu just watched from the sideline. Once everyone gave vent to their emotions, Ning Shu said, “Bury these people. We will head up north.”

The rebel army had gone in that direction. Despite moving at a snail’s pace, they still broke through the palace gate in the original storyline.

Only after these people calmed down did they realize what they had done. All of them were scared to death.

Chen Li said, “We’ll join the rebel army. We can’t go back home now. It will only implicate our family members.”

No one had any idea what to do. Finally seeing someone stand up and call the shots, although they were anxious and confused, they could only accept their fates.

They worked together to bury the officers and soldiers. Ning Shu used the soil to cover up the bloodstains on the ground.

Translator: Take

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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