QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1703

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Chapter 1703: Wanted to Tell You How I Feel Before I Die

The old woman banged her cane on the floor with an ugly expression. “By saving you, my grandchild and I are going to starve to death. Why don’t you think about us?”

Fan Junyang sighed. It was simply an unsolvable situation.

“We have no choice but to see if other households have any grain.” The old woman stomped her cane and went into the room next to the hall. Xiao Lan held onto the corner of the old woman’s coat and entered the room along with her.

Ning Shu slightly narrowed her eyes. She stared at the red rope around the necks of Xiao Lan and Fan Junyang. She was quite sure that they were similar.

Ning Shu checked the necks of others to see if there was a similar red thread.

But it was winter, so everyone was wearing thick clothing now. Some people used scarves to shield their necks from the cold. Nothing could be seen underneath.

If she had a chance, she had to get that item from Fan Junyang and Xiao Lan’s necks.

The uncle had strictly ordered everyone to not leave this place tonight. Whether they wanted to go to the toilet or do other things, they had to report first.

Some people took a blanket and draped it over their bodies, then leaned against each other to share warmth.

Ning Shu sat in the corner with her eyes closed. Although she was cultivating, it looked like she was sleeping.

Wang Jie sat down next to Ning Shu. She opened her eyes and looked at Wang Jie warily. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Wang Jie smiled. “Actually, I quite like you. I don’t know how long we have left to live, so I wanted to tell you how I feel before I die.”

Ning Shu glanced to the side: →_→

This guy liked the original host?

Tch, how come she didn’t see him being this enthusiastic earlier?

This came out of nowhere. Which idiot would believe him?

It couldn’t be that he was trying to get laid before dying, right?

It was not Ning Shu being overly pessimistic, but men were creatures that were even more calculating than women. They only offered attention if there were benefits.

Once the fear was infinitely magnified, it bred thoughts that he normally did not dare to think.

Ning Shu moved to the side, away from Wang Jie. This person gave her a bad feeling anyway.

Liu Manman, who was squatting in the corner, whispered, “I need to use the toilet.”

Ning Shu was currently bothered by the presence of Wang Jie. When she heard Liu Manman’s words, it was like a way out for her. “I’ll accompany you.”

“Thanks,” said Liu Manman to Ning Shu. However, she was bound by a rope. She said, “Can you help me untie the rope?”

“Don’t untie the rope.” The uncle said faintly, “Two more people go together.”

“You go too,” said the uncle to Lu Shanshan.

Lu Shanshan’s expression was somewhat reluctant as she took off the blanket. She really didn’t want to go.

But the uncle had spoken. No matter how reluctant she was, she still had to go.

“I’ll go in with you.” Ning Shu took Liu Shanshan’s arm and went into the room next door to the hall, where a spittoon was set up.

Ning Shu looked around and found no spittoon. “Where did the spittoon go?”

“How do I know?” said Lu Shanshan with a frown.

Liu Manman clenched her legs, her face red. She obviously couldn’t hold it much longer. Besides, pregnancy caused frequent urination.

“We have no choice but to deal with it outside” said Ning Shu.

Ning Shu opened the door, and a bone-chilling wind blew into the house. The house was abruptly filled with sniffing sounds.

Ning Shu and Lu Shanshan went outside, planning to pee in the yard. Ning Shu pulled down Liu Manman’s pants for her. “Pee.”

“Can you not look at me? I can’t pee like that,” said Liu Manman in a jarring voice.

“What are you afraid of? We’re all girls,” said Ning Shu indifferently.

Lu Shanshan was freezing. She couldn’t help but rub her hands together.

When Liu Manman was done peeing, Ning Shu pulled her pants up again and reentered the house.

“Thanks.” Liu Manman said thanks to Ning Shu.

“No need.”

However, near midnight, Liu Manman said to Ning Shu again, “I… I want to go to the bathroom.”

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu looked towards Lu Shanshan, who promptly decided to fall asleep.

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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