QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0346

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Chapter 346: The Legendary Ten Spice Tendons Weakening Powder

“Master, I want to learn medicine from you. I just want to know how to cure a man that has taken an aphrodisiac so that he won’t try to f*ck a girl. Should they be thrown in an ice bath or knocked out until the effect of the drug wears off?”

The godly doctor’s brows furrowed even more and he parted his lips to say: “Scram.”

Ning Shu did feel like scramming when she saw that the godly doctor completely did not welcome her, but she also really wanted to learn medicine from him. Sticking around and stealing a bit more skills would only be beneficial in the future.

“Master, I sincerely do want to learn medicine from you. You can just treat it as if I’m not here. I’ll help you take care of the herbs and assist you in making the medicine.” Ning Shu was the least worried about staying with the godly doctor since he was the coldest and most indifferent of the bunch. He didn’t seem to have any interest in humping.

Since she didn’t need to worry about being pushed down, the only thing she had to worry about was the matter of the aphrodisiac, so she planned to prepare for it beforehand.

“Scram,” said the godly doctor coldly.

Ning Shu lifted up her chest. For better or for worse, she was a female lead, wasn’t she? Why wasn’t the male lead attracted to her at all?

The godly doctor didn’t even bother to glance at Ning Shu, which made her feel defeated.

She had no other choice but to hover around the bamboo house everyday. The godly doctor seemed to dislike her a lot and always ignored her, but she toughened up her skin and kept hovering around.

“Master, master, please just accept this apprentice. This apprentice will definitely study hard and use Master’s teachings to bring the fields of humanity to a greater height of development.” Ning Shu chattered on nonstop.

The godly doctor threw some powder at Ning Shu. Ning Shu sneezed, then her entire body went weak. She was flustered since it felt like hypoglycemia, and she fell, paralyzed, to the ground.

“Master, did you poison me? Is this the legendary Ten Spice Tendons Weakening Powder?” Ning Shu could not summon enough strength to move anything. She was a little scared. What was she going to do if someone decided to push her down right now? Although the godly doctor seemed very cold and indifferent, he was still a man. With how beautiful this body with, the attraction between the male and female leads, and the fact that the big brother hidden guard wasn’t around, the chances of being pushed down was 100.00% ah.

>Lol, the legendary ‘Ten Spice Tendons Weakening Powder’ was from the wuxia novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber which I went ahead and searched through for the proper translation of this term, only to find out that the translator(s) just went with the pinyin. Orz

The poison is odorless and colorless. At first, it makes a person feel weak and unable to move. Later, the person will be able to move fine, but they’ll no longer be able to use inner strength.<

“Master, can you give me the antidote?” beseeched Ning Shu.

The godly doctor paid no attention to her and continued working on his own things. He completely ignored her existence.

Originally, Ning Shu was still worried about being pushed down, but now the person wasn’t even bothering to look at her. When it came time to eat, the godly doctor just threw her a hard Chinese cornbread. And he didn’t even bother to throw it at her hand, he just threw it on the ground like he was tossing a dog a bone.

Ning Shu: …

I’m the female lead, I have a halo, you can’t treat me this way! Ning Shu struggled to pick up the cornbread, then wiped it off on her clothes before biting into it.

It was freakin’ so hard to eat. Why was her life so pitiful? The godly doctor was eating big white steamed buns, so why did she have to eat this?

Her heart felt tired ah.

However, she felt relieved to see that the godly doctor showed no intention of pushing her down. Every time the godly doctor gave her cornbread, she would thicken her skin to ask for a bowl of water. This was seriously too hard to eat, it was way too dry.

Ning Shu asked the godly doctor, “Master, where did you get this cornbread? Today’s cornbread seems a bit hard. My teeth almost shattered. Next time, make it softer.”

Ning Shu didn’t really have much hope that the godly doctor would reply. He was very cold and hardly ever spoke, perhaps because he was used to being alone.

“It’s the payment a villager gave me for treating him,” replied the godly doctor coldly. “They’re taking up too much room.”

Ning Shu: …

Her heart felt wounded, it felt crushed. It felt like she was just a trash can for this godly doctor.

“Do you really want to learn medicine from me?” The godly doctor suddenly asked.

Ning Shu immediately replied, “Of course I do. I want to learn medicine from you, Master, then bring humanity to greater heights.”

The godly doctor paid no attention to her virtuous declaration and just asked, “What do you think that people who want to learn medicine must possess?”

Was this an entrance exam? Ning Shu felt that there was a need to answer seriously. She peered at his face, hoping to get some sort of hint, but his face was expressionless like an ice carving.

So she tried answering, “Compassion?”

#comment: What do you think? Q1. What should a person that wants to learn medicine possess? Q2. The answer that the godly doctor wants to hear? Q3. Will Ning Shu pass!?

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