QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0259

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Chapter 259: Mwuah~ There Are Guns

This guy actually wanted to have her run alongside him while he rode on horseback! If she didn’t run fast enough, she’d be dragged on the ground! At that time, it wasn’t just a matter of her skin being damaged, she might actually die!

He was definitely doing this because she had spit at him earlier. He was a general, yet someone had dared to spit at him. Based on how strong his ego was, there was no way he’d let her off.

She was wrong, how could Luo Junyan compare to Situ Qingyu in twistedness? Each mountain was higher than the last. Situ Qingyu’s mentality was definitely way more twisted than Luo Junyan’s.

“There’s still time for you to beg for mercy. Miss Mu, you seem to still be unaware of your current position. You’re no longer the noble and aloof daughter of the prime minister, you’re now simply just a captive. This general can easily decide whether you live or die so you should stop provoking this general.” Situ Qingyu’s eyes were dilating slightly. Ning Shu could tell that he wasn’t as calm as he made himself appear.

He was probably still angry about the earlier incident.

Ning Shu hated this kind of man the most. So what if he had ability? He only used it to bully the weak, so what was there to be admired about that.

Ning Shu was currently calling for 2333 silently. “2333, give me a gun. I want to kill this bastard.”

“Ning Shu, mwuah~ There are guns.” 2333’s voice appeared in Ning Shu’s head.

Ning Shu was delighted and hastily said, “Then hurry up and give me one, I can’t take this bastard anymore.”

“It’s possible, but it’ll take two thousand points. You don’t have any points though, so the exchange can’t be done.” replied 2333.

Ning Shu gritted her teeth as she mentally replied, “Let me buy on credit.”

“Apologies, you can’t use an advanced weapon like a gun here. If you take out an item from a different space-time, you’ll cause a disturbance in this realm that would affect the stability of this entire plane,” explained 2333 patiently. “Your job is to mend planes, not destroy them, understand?”

I understand your damned sister ah! Ning Shu felt like puking blood.

She was about to ask 2333 about some other things when someone suddenly asked, “General Situ, what are you doing?”

When Ning Shu heard this voice, her lips immediately curled in disdain, but Yue Lan reacted with joy and whispered excitedly to Ning Shu, “Miss, it’s that prince from earlier. We’re saved!”

Ning Shu just glanced at her. You were seriously too naive.

Luo Junyan had arrived on horseback. When he saw that Ning Shu’s hands were bound, he lifted his brows and asked Situ Qingyu, “What crime has she committed?”

“This general greets Prince. This female servant is this general’s captive. She had snuck out of the residence, so this general came to catch her.” Situ Qingyu replied to Luo Junyan in a manner that was respectful, but not too humble.

Luo Junyan narrowed his eyes with interest and said mildly, “Since it’s just a female servant, why don’t you give her to this prince? His Majesty has just conquered the state of Donghua, so this is the time to pacify the common people. General Situ shouldn’t do such a brutal act. Just hand this servant over for this prince to handle.”

Situ Qingyu immediately emitted baleful aura that contained murderous intent. He was like a hedgehog that was erecting its quills in response to danger. “This servant belongs to this general. This general has no intention of letting her go.”

Luo Junyan frowned slightly as a strong sense of disappointment came over him. He suddenly felt a rush of desire to obtain this servant. Although he found this sensation strange, it was too strong.

Then there was the way Situ Qingyu was acting in front of him. He was the prince regent and had one of the highest statuses in the country, yet this barbarian that only knew how to kill actually dared to take him lightly. Luo Junyan felt that his status had been insulted, so he became even more bent on obtaining this female servant.

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