QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0258

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Chapter 258: Run With The Troops

Ning Shu ate five entire steamed buns before giving a satisfied belch. Yue Lan then asked her, “Miss, where do we go now?”

“Back.” Ning Shu pounded on her chest a couple times. Crap, it felt like some of the buns were stuck. She needed to hurry back to the residence to drink some water.

“Huh!?” Yue Lan looked at Ning Shu in astonishment. “Miss, it wasn’t easy for us to escape, why are we going back? Miss was born with a countenance that overshadows the flowers and the moon. If we go back, that’s sending you into a wolf’s den. This servant won’t allow you to go back.”

Ning Shu said, “Your miss is really thirsty. Let’s go back to the residence to drink some water.”

Yue Lan sighed sorrowfully as she followed Ning Shu back to the prime minister’s residence. “If I knew earlier that Miss would suffer this much here, this servant would’ve persuaded you to go with the lord.”

Ning Shu was thinking that even if they had left with Prime Minister Mu, they’d still end up getting seperated.

Clip-clop, clip-clop…

The sound of horse hooves along with the sounds of orderly marching was coming towards them. Ning Shu glanced over and saw that Situ Qingyu was on horseback leading a group of troops.

He looked down at her from above. When he saw that Ning Shu was hugging quite a lot of steamed buns, he waved towards the guards behind him and commanded, “Bring this general’s captive back.”

Several guards immediately moved up to catch Ning Shu and Yue Lan, but Ning Shu responded with a tyrannical shout. “Are you dogs blind!? To actually dare to touch this miss!? This miss will have your hands cut off!”

“Precisely, you blind dogs!” Yue Lan immediately echoed in support.

After Ning Shu had roared at them so confidently, the guards hesitated and looked towards Situ Qingyu.

When Situ Qingyu saw Ning Shu’s arrogant manner, a trace of loathing flashed through his eyes. He sneered in a mocking way as he said, “Is Miss Mu doing this just so you can ride this general’s horse?” As he spoke, he offered his hand to Ning Shu as if inviting her to get on his horse.

Only an idiot would share a horse with him.

Ning Shu said mildly, “This miss will walk.”

“Hahaha…” Situ Qingyu chuckled. “Then you can just run with the rest of the troops. Aren’t you good at running after all? But if you don’t keep up with the troops…” Situ Qingyu pointed at Yue Lan. “Your maid will become a military prostitute.”

“Miss.” Yue Lan’s voice trembled as she looked towards Ning Shu tearfully. Ning Shu tried to comfort her. “Don’t worry, your miss will be able to keep up with no problems.”

“Tie her up!” Situ Qingyu grinned at Ning Shu. “This general will personally lead you.”

Ning Shu: …

Such a sick hobby.

A guard took out a rope and tied it around Ning Shu’s wrist tightly before handing the other end to Situ Qingyu.

“You can run behind this general’s horse. If you don’t run fast enough, this general will have no choice but to drag you. It’d be a pity for your beautiful white skin, so work hard,” said Situ Qingyu mildly as if he was just remarking that the weather wasn’t that great today.

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