QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0260

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Chapter 260: In Life, the General’s Servant; In Death, the General’s Ghost!

Ning Shu just watched from the side. She had been mentally preparing herself for disfigurement when Luo Junyan suddenly jumped out. The female lead truly was the epitome of luck, her very body was an asset. After all, without this alluring body, how was she supposed to act as the female lead of this hentai story?

When Situ Qingyu refused yet again, Luo Junyan became even more irritated and wanted to just grab Ning Shu and leave. However, when he saw the guards behind Situ Qingyu, he forced himself to calm down and said coldly, “Since General Situ can’t bear to part with her, then let’s forget it.”

However, after he said that, his heart filled with even more disappointment. This feeling was a surprise to him, but he felt very uncomfortable. It felt like this feeling wouldn’t disappear until he obtained this female servant.

“Are you willing to leave with this prince?” Luo Junyan suddenly asked Ning Shu. Situ Qingyu also looked at Ning Shu with his lips pursed in displeasure.

There was also a voice in Ning Shu’s heart that was telling her to go with this prince, that this prince would protect her so she should go with him. The voice said that he was a good person since he had even helped her teach that greedy shop owner a lesson earlier.

Ning Shu felt a chill. This was the storyline. It wanted her to change locations from the prime minister’s residence to the prince’s residence.

There was a slight change in the storyline since Situ Qingyu hadn’t given her to Luo Junyan and the choice ended up falling to her. However, her heart actually told her to go with this prince.

Ning Shu inwardly gave a cold laugh. You want me to go with Luo Junyan? Then I refuse! Ning Shu said, “This common woman is the general’s servant so this common woman will naturally follow the general.”

Both Situ Qingyu and Luo Junyan were stunned to hear this. Astonishment flashed across Situ Qingyu’s face since he had been sure that Ning Shu would want to leave with the prince regent.

Meanwhile, disappointment appeared on Luo Junyan’s face. He opened his mouth to say something else but Ning Shu interrupted and declared, “In life, this common woman will be the general’s servant; in death, this common woman will be the general’s ghost.”

Situ Qingyu’s eyes widened with confusion.

Luo Junyan’s expression became cold and he turned to leave with a tug of the reins. However, before he left, he glanced back at Ning Shu with strange lingering affection.

Situ Qingyu only asked Ning Shu after Luo Junyan left, “The things you said earlier, were you serious?”

Ning Shu rolled her eyes at him and ask, “What?”

Situ Qingyu’s expression darkened again. “I was originally going to undo your rope, but looks like there’s no need.”

“Walk.” Situ Qingyu pulled on the rope so Ning Shu had no choice but to start walking.

“Hurry up.” Situ Qingyu tugged on the rope again, causing Ning Shu to stumble.

However, luckily Situ Qingyu didn’t have the horse start running. If he had, she would have been done for.

She finally got back to the prime minister’s residence on foot. Next to her, Yue Lan kept glancing over at her with heartache in her eyes, then glaring at Situ Qingyu.

Once they got to the entrance of the residence, Situ Qingyu jumped off his horse and walked over to undo the rope tied around Ning Shu’s wrist. As he did so, he mocked, “Miss Mu is sure good at seducing men. It only took one trip out of the residence to get the prince regent to offer you a place in his residence.”

He sounded like he was jealous. Tsk tsk.

Ning Shu flexed her slightly numb hands.

When Situ Qingyu saw that she was paying no attention to him as she headed inside, he pulled her by her wrist and pressed his other hand on the wall behind her.

It was an extremely suggestive wall bam.

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