QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0385

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Chapter 385: Mu Yanmeng’s Blessing

The system sensed Ning Shu’s annoyance and could only say, “This counts as receiving a blessing in midst of the calamity since you absorbed some primal chaos energy from that place. That’s the most precious part of a plane. Primal chaos energy can form a plane and form multiple worlds, so now your soul is very strong.”

“But what about me? All my energy is gone and I didn’t even get anything out of it. I’m so pitiful~” 2333’s voice contained a sobbing tone and it kept sniffling like it was about to cry.

Ning Shu opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say. In the end, she said comfortingly, “It’s alright. If you need energy or something, I’ll help you look for it.”

“Ning Shu, you’re the best!” said 2333 happily.

Ning Shu: …

“Let’s see how many points we got this time?” said Ning Shu weakly.


Her stats then appeared in front of her.

Name: Ning Shu

Age: 27

Experience: 50000

Soul: 200

Life: 50

Intelligence: 80 (+5)

Charm: 1 (+2)

Luck: 31 (+3)

Mental Strength: 120

Martial Arts: 10

Aptitude: 26

Virtuous Achievement: 2

Abilities: Five Rings Shooting Skill, Trashy Combat Skill, Trashy Beginner of Unsurpassable Martial Arts

Acquired Titles: Goddess of War

Task Completion Degree: 100%

Gained 20 attribute points.

There was actually 50 thousand points this time. As expected, riches came from risk. In addition, she used to only have 60 soul points, but now it was 200. She couldn’t help but celebrate.

After all, the soul was the very core of things.

2333 said, “This is just points from the task. Mu Yanmeng still hasn’t given you what’s left of her soul.”

Ning Shu felt like she was about to strike it rich.

Mu Yanmeng’s figure slowly appeared in the space. When Ning Shu saw her face, she was overcome with a feeling that it was very familiar since she had worn this face for a long time.

When Mu Yanmeng saw Ning Shu, a smile immediately appeared on her face. She walked over gracefully, hips swaying, and grabbed Ning Shu’s hand excitedly. “Big Sister, thank you!”

Ning Shu just laughed politely. She scrutinized Mu Yanmeng’s face while wondering if Mu Yanmeng had just been trying to trick a task-taker into taking her place in that world.

However, the happiness on Mu Yanmeng’s face seemed sincere and seemed to truly come from the heart. Her eyes were clear and filled with gratitude.

“Yanmeng had been regretting things ever since Big Sister agreed to the task because Yanmeng thought that Yanmeng had implicated Big Sister. However, unexpectedly, Big Sister actually managed to change Yanmeng’s fate and Yanmeng can now go reincarnate instead of continuing to be reborn. Big Sister, thank you!”

Ning Shu said mildly, “It’s fine, this is only natural. Since I’ve accepted the task, of course I should finish the task.”

Mu Yanmeng suddenly hugged Ning Shu and burst out wailing. Ning Shu was taken aback and didn’t know what to do. Mu Yanmeng truly had it hard, facing so many unhinged men and getting physically and emotionally hurt.

Ning Shu patted Mu Yanmeng’s back and said, “It’s fine now, everything’s okay. Don’t cry anymore.”

Mu Yanmeng slowly released Ning Shu, then wiped away her tears. “Thank you.”

“According to the contract, I should give you all of my soul energy.” Mu Yanmeng didn’t seem reluctant at all and had an expression of relief on her face.

Right after she said this, her soul started turning dim. In a few moments, her soul turned almost transparent. Mu Yanmeng turned towards Ning Shu with a smile. “I should head over to be reincarnated now. Big Sister, Yanmeng wishes you the best.”

Mu Yanmeng’s soul wasn’t weak, so normally, she should’ve been able to become a task-taker, right? Ning Shu asked, “Why don’t you become a task-taker? It would spare you the suffering that reincarnation requires.”

Mu Yanmeng shook her head. “I don’t want to live like this, and other people also said that my personality wasn’t suitable for being a task-taker. Yanmeng wants a new beginning.”

Ning Shu felt that she had been overthinking things. There was no way someone like Mu Yanmeng would even think of trying to get someone to take her place in that world. Mu Yanmeng was a rare, truly kindhearted person.

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