QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0386

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Chapter 386: Heaven Is Fair

After Mu Yanmeng left, 2333 said, “Mu Yanmeng’s soul was quite strong, so your soul has gotten much stronger than before.”

Ning Shu suddenly asked, “Does each entrustor have to offer their own soul for a counterattack?”

“It’s not always the soul, a treasure could work too,” said 2333.

Ning Shu sighed. “After being cannon fodder, they’d still have to offer up their souls in order to get a chance at a counterattack. Cannon fodders are sure pitiful.”

“That’s why you guys exist. Everyone has different fates. If they want to gain something, of course they have to give up something. This is an equal exchange. At the very least, this means that they have a chance to fight against their destiny, right? Heaven is fair. Every person is given a small chance.”

How was that anywhere close to fair?

Ning Shu then asked, “What will happen to that world now that Mu Yanmeng has disappeared?”

2333 said, “That world’s law will automatically repair itself. Constantly repeated a storyline like this is a sign of the law becoming distorted since there’s no creation of new storylines. All living things change, but that world had gotten stuck in that loop. Now that Mu Yanmeng’s gone, the world will eventually give birth to a new law and new stories will appear.”

Ning Shu remarked ‘oh.’

“Ning Shu, the task reward this time is 20 attribute points. Where do you want to add them to?” asked 2333.

Ning Shu considered it for a moment, then said, “I feel like my luck is pretty crappy, so let’s add some more to luck. Martial arts will also be very important in the future, and intelligence can’t be left out, so let’s just add to these three.”

“Why don’t you add some to charm?” asked 2333. “Charm has very high destructive power you know?”

“Rather than add to charm, it’d be better to add more to martial arts. It’s not like I’m going to be a female lead, what do I need so much charm for? Going with force is simplest.” She didn’t want to navigate the world of emotions, it was too troublesome.

2333: “Are you really a woman?”

So then, Ning Shu’s stats panel changed.

Number: 2333

Rank: Level 2 (Newbie)

Name: Ning Shu

Age: 27

Experience: 50000

Soul: 200 (+100)

Life: 50

Intelligence: 85 (+5)

Charm: 3

Luck: 34 (+10)

Mental Strength: 120

Martial Arts: 10 (+5)

Aptitude: 26

Virtuous Achievement: 2

Abilities: Five Rings Shooting Skill, Trashy Combat Skill, Trashy Beginner of Unsurpassable Martial Arts

Acquired Titles: Goddess of War

Ning Shu resolved herself and added 10 points to luck, then 5 points each to intelligence and martial arts.

“Don’t start the next task yet, I want to rest for a while. This task was seriously too gross.” Ning Shu had never felt this tired before. A single nutjob was already enough, but there had been so many in one task.

She almost didn’t manage to make it back.

“Are there secret manuals for strengthening the soul? I want to exchange for one,” said Ning Shu. If only she had a secret manual for training the soul. There was no way for her soul to get stronger when she was using such low-level cultivation methods.

“Your rank is too low so you can’t open the exchange market.” Then the system said, “Oh, that’s right, I haven’t deducted your points yet for the aphrodisiac you bought on credit.”

Ning Shu: →_→

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