QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0208

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Chapter 208: Nature is Calling

With ability users attacking from all sides, there was no way the zombie would be able to dodge all of the attacks. Some attacks managed to hit and the zombie roared with anger as it glared at the ability users.

Although the ability users managed to hit the zombie, they were still having a very rough time.

The senior commander instructed the troops to focus on killing the normal zombies while also paying attention to the ability users’ situation. Anyone that could see would be able to tell that the situation wasn’t good.

In addition, ability users were very precious. The death of just one caused the base huge damage. Although some people had been able to awaken their abilities without the gene essence, there were still extremely little ability users and every base fought to obtain them.

The senior commander was so worried that his face was completely sweaty and the flesh on his face spasmed. Ning Shu also couldn’t do anything but watch because she didn’t have the training to get involved in that kind of orderly battle.

She thought for a little while, then lifted an axe and made to head towards the ability users’ group. When she revolved her inner strength through her entire body, her speed and strength were extremely high, so she could probably hold her own against the variant zombie.

Although ability users had special abilities, their speeds and strengths probably couldn’t compare to hers. Couldn’t they see that the variant zombie’s strength came from speed and physical strength?

“Where are you going?” The school doctor uncle grabbed Ning Shu’s arm and lifted his brows as he asked her this.

Ning Shu had a premonition that if she said she was heading off to kill the zombie, the uncle would respond with disdain. Hence, she replied, “Nature is calling.”

The school doctor uncle: …

“Behave and stay here. If you run over there, you’ll just end up getting hit by the ability users’ stray attacks. Don’t overestimate your abilities,” said the school doctor uncle mildly. After that, he took out his gun from his waist and narrowed his eyes as he aimed at the zombie.

Ning Shu: …

The zombie was too fast. If you were able to freaking make this shot, this ma’am will kneel down to you.

The uncle pulled the trigger. The shot wasn’t sent directly towards the zombie but to an area a little distance away from the zombie.

Then Ning Shu saw a very amazing scene. The zombie seemed to throw himself towards the bullet. The zombie had gotten shot!?

Ning Shu fell to her knees. The fuck? Something like this was possible!?

The zombie was frozen for a second. Then the muscles around his chest convulsed and squeezed the bullet out of his body.

Ning Shu’s forehead hit the ground. Da fuck? Why were the two of them both so anti-scientific!?

However, as the zombie was forcing the bullet out, the ability users had taken advantage of this pause to attack the zombie with all their power. The enormous force sent the zombie crashing heavily to the ground, causing a shockwave so large the ground seemed to shake. A huge wave of dust was sent into the air.

The zombie’s clothing was already in tatters and areas of his body had wounds that showed bone from the ability users’ attacks. As it stood there, its gaze swept across the ability users before landing on the school doctor uncle.

It seemed to have a very deep impression of this human that had managed to hit it.

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