QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0207

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Chapter 207: When the Culprit is Right Next to You

Grr grr…”

Wave after wave of powerful roaring arrose. This sound messed with the people’s heartbeats and caused their heads to spin.

However, it had an energizing effect on the zombies and made them rush forward even more vigorously.

Everyone was becoming very uneasy. The senior commander shouted, “Retreat into the base, hurry!”

“Daisy, hurry and come in,” the senior commander shouted towards Ning Shu.

Ning Shu dealt with the zombie in front of her with a strike of the stick, then turned to run into the base before standing next to the school doctor uncle to watch.

The zombies flooded towards the walls and entrance of the base and attempted to break in. Ning Shu felt goosebumps all over as she took in the scene.

“It’s here.” The school doctor uncle said softly. Ning Shu turned around and saw a black dot moving rapidly in this direction. Then it hovered in the air above the base.

This was a zombie, but it looked no different from an ordinary person except for the fact that its face was unearthly pale. In addition, its eyes were moving, indicating that unlike other zombie, it could see.

Ning Shu’s jaw practically fell off. She stiffly turned around and stammered, “U…uncle. It can fly.”

It was completely defying Newton’s Law of Gravity. The zombies they had encountered before were only able to jump high and move fast, but being suspended in midair was practically challenging human perception of the world.

The uncle narrowed his eyes as he stared at the zombie floating in midair. “Could it be that it’s easier for variant zombies to evolve?”

This human-like zombie immediately caused an uproar in the base. The fact that it could even soar in the sky like a celestial stunned everyone and also made them feel extremely helpless. This zombie was seriously too powerful.

An atmosphere of despair started spreading, causing everyone to become even more panicked.

“Fuck! Get a taste of this!” An ability user shot his golden colored ability towards the zombie, but the zombie didn’t even move to dodge.

Ning Shu was surprised. There was no way this zombie was that weak, right? It looked extremely powerful, would it really get hit just like that?

The ability passed straight through the zombie’s body. It took a moment for everyone to realize that the ability had hit an afterimage. Where did the zombie go?

“Aaah…” There was a scream. Everyone turned around and saw that the zombie had stabbed his arm through the chest of the person who had fired that shot. The heart in the palm of the zombie’s bloody hand was still pulsing out blood.

The zombie’s gaze was very indifferent. It threw the ability user’s corpse into the pile of zombies and the corpse was immediately torn apart.

Meanwhile, the variant zombie returned to midair and started eating the bloody heart bite by bite. When Ning Shu saw this, she swallowed hard. This scene was seriously bloody and disgusting.

Everyone felt like it was their heart that was being chomped by the zombie.

With that person as a precedent example, no one else dared to make a rash move.

Going up against that thing was tantamount to throwing your life away.

The place became completely silent despite the huge amount of people present. It caused the shrieking of the siren to become even more sharp.

After the variant zombie finished eating the heart, it licked away the blood around its mouth before setting its gaze on a crowd of ability users. The way it sized them up like it was considering its next meal option caused people’s blood to run cold.

Ning Shu was wondering, did the ability users that were filled with energy taste better to the variant zombie?

“Uncle, what do we do now?” Ning Shu shifted closer to the school doctor uncle. What was he standing here for?

The school doctor uncle continued staring at the zombie even as he said, “What else can we do? Run.”

Ning Shu: …

Although that was true, she didn’t really dare to move. What if she caught the zombie’s attention and got her heart ripped out?

The ability users faced the most pressure since the variant zombie was most focused on them. It was currently scrutinizing them with a heartless gaze as if it was trying to figure out how they would taste.

“There’s no choice. Everyone, let’s attack together,” said Wolf with a grim expression. “Let’s attack together!”

Right after Wolf spoke, all the ability users started attacking the variant zombie with their abilities, but this zombie’s speed was too fast as it managed to dodge all of their attacks.

Ning Shu: …

This zombie was seriously messed up. How were they supposed to beat such a strong existence?

In addition, the culprit that caused all of this was the school doctor uncle who was standing right next to her. However, she freaking didn’t have the nerve to criticize him! This situation sure was a mess.

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