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Happy Mother’s Day

This is a special unedited chapter that I’ve decided to put up since I was translating it today and felt touched (at least with the beginning). To all the mothers out there, thank you for your unconditional love, admirable patience, and incredible strength! To all the doctors and nurses, thank you courageously for putting yourself on the front lines to selflessly save others and to the family of those brave souls, thank you for lending them to us. To the readers, thanks for staying at home and reading QTF to help flatten the curve and make sure that the hospitals aren’t overloaded with patients!

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Zhu Siyuan poured a cup of tea for Ning Shu who was working on grinding medicinal powder. The little boy was hugging the kettle to pour tea for Ning Shu. Ning Shu was startled and hastily took the kettle. It was filled with hot water. If Zhu Siyuan lost his grip and accidentally dropped it, even though the kettle was small, it’d cause a burn and that would be a terrible outcome.

Ning Shu set the kettle on the table and said to Zhu Siyuan, “Thank you, Siyuan.”

Zhu Siyuan looked at the powder as he asked, “Mom, are these things for saving people?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Zhu Siyuan looked at Ning Shu and said, “Mom, send me to boarding school.”

Ning Shu was taken aback for a moment, “What?”

Zhu Siyuan said in a low voice, “I’ll ask my teacher what a military doctor was. He said that it’s a person who helps the wounded, who saves the lives of the soldiers. I told the teacher that my mom was a military doctor and he said that he really admires you.”

“I didn’t understand what he meant.” Zhu Siyuan looked towards Ning Shu. “Mom, you should head to the battlefield.”

Ning Shu looked at Zhu Siyuan strangely. A while ago, Zhu Siyuan was still in very low spirits, but now he had suddenly thought things through. He was being so reasonable, it wasn’t like him at all.

“What’s the matter with you?” Ning Shu looked at Zhu Siyuan. “You became mature so suddenly?”

Zhu Siyuan said, “The teacher said Mom’s job is beneficial to the country and the people. “

Ning Shu: → _→

Ning Shu had no delusions that Zhu Siyuan had suddenly thought things through. He had probably been praised by the teacher so he didn’t object to Ning Shu heading to the battlefield anymore. However, when the time came that she actually headed to the battlefield, Zhu Siyuan would probably bawl his head off.

“Mom, I’ll go to boarding school,” said Zhu Siyuan again.

As of now, there were boarding schools established. The concept of boarding schools was put forward by the Soong sisters.

Ning Shu set aside her work and asked Zhu Siyuan, “Is that really what you think? Once Mom heads to the battlefield to save people, ZSy have to be alone. Mom doesn’t even know when Mom can come back. “

“Mom, could it be that you can choose not to go?” asked Zhu Siyuan, tilting his head in confusion.

Of course not. Ning Shu rubbed Zhu Siyuan’s head. “Mom must go.”

Ning Shu felt that once she left, Zhu Siyuan would definitely cry at the boarding school.

Zhu Siyuan said to Ning Shu, “Mom, I noticed that I have some things that none of my classmates have, and some of the things my classmates have, I have even better ones. Mom, you were the one that bought all these things for me. In the past, you had to work really hard. The reason I get these things now, is it because you’re about to head to the battlefield?”

Zhu Siyuan had a lot of books and even had pens, but other students sometimes didn’t even have a cheap brush.

Ning Shu looked at Zhu Siyuan in surprise. She couldn’t help but hug him as she said, “Siyuan, if you want to obtain something in this world, you must give up something. Mom wants to give Siyuan a better life, but more than that, she wants to become someone Siyuan can be proud of.”

The situation on the battlefield to completely change in an instant. Ning Shu didn’t know when she’ll be able to come back once she headed to the battlefield, so she could only try to give Zhu Siyuan a positive view of things. “In the future, you can proudly to tell other people that your Mom is a military doctor who saves lives.”

“What about Dad?” asked Zhu Siyuan.

Ning Shu was immediately made speechless. How should she answer this? She thought about it, then said, “It is a difficult time for the nation, perhaps your father will become a soldier.”

Ning Shu wasn’t sure if Zhu Yanqiu would join the army anymore.

“Siyuan, do you want to see your dad? Mom will take you to see him?” Ning Shu didn’t stop Zhu Siyuan from going to see Zhu Yanqiu. No matter how young a child was, he had his own judgment.

Zhu Siyuan nodded, “I want to see him.”

“Alright.” Ning Shu put on a coat, then took Zhu Siyuan’s hand and headed out. She hired a rickshaw to take them to Zhu Yanqiu’s school.

Zhu Yanqiu’s campus environment was quite good. There were a lot of students in Chinese tunic suits walking around and little groups of female students dressed in the school uniform with pleated skirts and black leather shoes, holding books in their hands with their hairs in neat pigtails. It caused Ning Shu to feel slightly disorientated, like she was in a different era.

Since Ning Shu wasn’t a student here, she had no choice but to wait for Zhu Yanqiu at the school gates. Zhu Yanqiu was informed by the reception people that someone was looking for him and he immediately thought of Zhu Suniang.

When Zhu Yanqiu saw Ning Shu standing at the school gates with the child, he was pleasantly surprised and also angry. However, he forced his anger down since he was worried that she would run away again.

This time, no matter what, he had to figure out where she was living.