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About the Future of this Series

I’ll put out another little batch of chapters next week in celebration of New Years, and then for the time being I’ll be translating one chapter a week as a hobby. (Haha, don’t kill me, I’m a double-majoring, single-minoring college student.) In regards to the future of this series I’ll keep translating as long as I have time. If you want to apply to help translate, shoot me an email.

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Endnote: About the series.

The original quick transmigration series I was going to translate had an op main character who pretty much does the same three things in all the worlds: break up the main couple, take over the world, find her lover and give him the world. Later, one additional task gets added on: find a certain pyscho and watch him commit suicide. All in all, it was a predictable, repetitive story that still ended up very enjoyable just ’cause of how refreshing it was to watch the MC thrash everyone.

This series is less repetitive and more interesting. There’s also more character development. The refreshingness level is not as high though. The MC starts out pitiful, which makes it much more funny. The main thing is… there’s no love~ I was in the mood for some dog food, but nah, there’s no doting love in this series, at least not for the next two thousand chapters. You want sweetness between lead couples, visit some of the other popular novels. You want something interesting and continuously fun to read, bookmark this site~ Or follow it to receive updates~

Ah, be warned though, this novel will make you become very critical towards love and other stuff. You have been warned! XD

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