QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 2451

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Chapter 2451: The Snake Finally Left

The night after the snake had rested enough, she took her eggs in her mouth and dragged her huge body away while taking advantage of the dark.

Ning Shu breathed a sigh of relief. The snake finally left.

Ning Shu had been worrying about being discovered. She hoped that the snake could survive the heavenly tribulation and evolve into a flood dragon.

Then she would become stronger and live better.

Ning Shu didn’t want this kind of supernatural being to come by again. She really couldn’t take it.

Ning Shu thought that the large snake had successfully run away, but it had been caught by the people of White Cloud Temple not two days later.

Moreover, its stomach had been ripped open.

Villagers flocked to White Cloud Temple to see the large snake. The snake was hanging from a tree. Her body was extremely thick and solid.

The bulge in her abdomen had been cut open to reveal her soft and tender white claws.

White Cloud Temple’s Taoist priest pointed at the body of the snake and told everyone that the snake was going to turn into an evil flood dragon.

If it succeeded, it would swallow the clouds and blow out fog, delivering floods.

Ning Shu sneered. Flood dragons didn’t have such an impressive ability. This was just a pretense to hide their ambition.

The things that human beings considered to be formidable were either revered as respected gods or destroyed.

Ning Shu sighed. She looked at the old Taoist priest standing at the doorway to the Three Pure One’s Hall and rolled her eyes.

This old Taoist priest was the most merciless, pitiless person Ning Shu had ever seen, yet he maintained a sage-like expression.

He seemed more like a cultivator. As long as it was beneficial to them, they would plunder it.

There were some eggshells on the ground and the damaged yolks and whites had spilled out.

The world was very dangerous, and not just because of natural disasters.

This snake had also suffered a lot just because people wanted her snake pearl.

Ning Shu saw that one egg was only slightly cracked and a bit of egg white had dripped out.

Ning Shu picked it up.

“Doctor Liu, what are you doing?” The aunt from next door asked Ning Shu.

Ning Shu smiled. “I haven’t had a snake egg before. I’m taking this back to eat.”

“It’s better not to eat it. This snake monster is terrifying. If you eat its baby, something bad might happen.”

Ning Shu held the egg and transferred some spiritual energy into it.

Away from White Cloud Temple, Ning Shu covered the egg with soft soil as well as some leaves and dry grass to hide it.

Perhaps it would hatch, perhaps it wouldn’t.

Ning Shu took Zhenzhen back home.

Zhenzhen could now turn herself over and would often smile at Ning Shu, revealing her pink gums.

Ning Shu would carry her to the mountain to collect herbs when she had nothing to do. When she picked a herb, she would tell Zhenzhen its name.

Zhenzhen didn’t understand anything and just giggled.

Ning Shu thought that such days were simple but adequate. Not everyone wanted to experience a life of strong wind and heavy rain, a life that would shake them to the core.

Zhenzhen was also able to eat some complementary food. Ning Shu caught a pheasant and went home to mince it and boil it in porridge.

Zhenzhen was very healthy. Ning Shu would transfer some spiritual energy into her body from time to time and she would eat and sleep well.

This lifestyle strengthened Zhenzhen’s body and bones.

Ning Shu, carrying a basket, had just arrived at her doorway when she met the village head who appeared to be in a hurry.

“Doctor Liu, quickly come and have a look. Someone at my house is injured,” the village head said anxiously.

Ning Shu put down the basket and carried Zhenzhen with her to the village head’s house.

Even without entering the room, Ning Shu could already smell blood.

“Doctor Liu, quickly go in and look,” the village head said to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu’s brows wrinkled. She pushed aside the curtain and walked in. A woman dressed in armor was in the room and a man, also wearing armor, was on the bed.

“You’re a doctor?” the woman deliberately kept her voice lowered and said in a gruff voice.

Ning Shu couldn’t stop the corners of her mouth from twitching. She could get away with pretending to be a man with just this?

Translator: Kiara

MTL Editor: Wheat

#Kiara’s Comments: I need a revenge arc for the snake, the snake was cute.

TLC: Kaho

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