QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 2107

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Chapter 2107: These Photos Are All Fake!

Tang Yu saw the judgmental stares people were directing at him. Meanwhile, Ning Shu’s sobbing rang in his ears. Sweat poured down his back, increasing his discomfort.

He was taken aback for a moment but quickly recovered. As the president of a company, he still had the ability to maintain his composure under pressure.

Tang Yu didn’t know where these photos came from. He snatched the microphone from the officiant and loudly said, “These photos are all fake! I will pursue the criminal who tried to maliciously corrupt my reputation in accordance with the law.”

With a shout, Ning Shu rushed towards Tang Yu. Her arm lashed out and a bright red handprint appeared on Tang Yu’s face.

“Give me the keys, I’m going to see Bai Feifei! How could she say something so shameless!? I always treated her like a biological daughter—I didn’t think she would actually seduce her adoptive father behind my back! She clearly wasn’t raised well.” Ning Shu reached into Tang Yu’s pocket and found his keyring.

“Wen Hanlei, stop making a scene!” Tang Yu’s eyes blazed as he yelled at Ning Shu. This woman was completely unreasonable! Couldn’t she tell how bad the current situation was?

“Tang Yu! You did something like this with your adopted daughter without telling me? You’ve been lying to me all this time. If I’d learned of this before, I could’ve pretended not to know. But this is our wedding day! You actually revealed something like this just to humiliate me!?”

“Wen Hanlei, stop talking nonsense.” Tang Yu’s head was about to explode.

Ning Shu covered her face and sobbed.

Many spectators took out their phones to record the chaotic scene.

“I’m certain that some malicious person created these photos to slander me. After this incident, I will see that the perpetrator is held accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” Tang Yu said. His tone was solemn and his expression was extremely calm.

His demeanor showed no panic. He looked like he was wronged, and that this was someone’s deliberate retaliation.

Tang Yu’s words had nearly swayed the reporters on scene, but a woman suddenly rushed to the stage and snatched the microphone out of his hand.

Everyone stared at the woman in shock. She looked pale and angry, glaring at Tang Yu with deep-seated resentment.

“Tang Yu! You killed my husband and now you’re even manipulating my daughter! Why can’t you just go to hell?” Bai Feifei’s mother shouted at Tang Yu. Her voice was almost a hiss.

When Tang Yu saw Bai Feifei’s mother, his pupils dilated and his face paled slightly. However, his voice was still calm as he said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You coveted my husband’s clothing brand so you killed him! You adopted my daughter and manipulated her into a relationship! My daughter was young and impressionable, and you coerced her into doing something like this!”

The reporters in the venue were incredibly excited. One reveal was coming after another and every single one made a great headline!

“My husband didn’t want to sell his company so you schemed to kill my husband and then you easily snatched his brand up! You’re going to hell. I’ll send you there myself!” Bai Feifei’s mother rushed towards Tang Yu, her eyes filled with hatred.

Ning Shu stepped in front of Bai Feifei’s mother. “You’re not allowed to hurt Tang Yu.”

Ning Shu subtly hooked the feet of Bai Feifei’s mother as the woman passed her, causing Bai Feifei’s mother to charge into Tang Yu. Tang Yu was thrown to the ground by the impact, and his head slammed against the floor.

Tang Yu had already suffered Ning Shu’s slap earlier, so now that Bai Feifei’s mother crashed into him, his eyes rolled back and he fainted.

“Someone call an ambulance! Tang Yu…” Ning Shu called out to Tang Yu, practically yelling in his ear. Yet he didn’t wake up. It looked like he really was unconscious.

The moment the ambulance came, Ning Shu cried and ran away. “Wah! I can’t accept this!”

After leaving the wedding venue, Ning Shu hired a taxi to go to Tang Yu’s villa.

She unlocked the door with the keys she’d taken and removed all the hidden cameras.

Tang Yu had vowed that he was wronged in front of reporters, politicians, business partners, and celebrities. Yet he knew in his heart that the photos were real.

The cameras had to be destroyed before anyone found out about their existence.

Ning Shu’s miniature cameras were thrown into the toilet and flushed down the drain.

Translator: Takkong

MTL Editor: Shark

TLC: Kaho

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