QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 2035

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Chapter 2035: While There Is Life, There Is Hope

Ning Shu secretly let out a sigh of relief when she heard Little Grass say that. If it had needed energy endlessly as it did now, she simply wouldn’t be able to supply it.

“Little Grass, don’t just absorb anything and everything you see, got it?” Ning Shu said. There were many shops on the street that also contained tons of monster crystals. If Little Grass went crazy and absorbed them all, she’d be in for it.

Ning Shu didn’t think the current Little Grass was very strong. This world was full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons—there were concealed talents and dangers everywhere.

“Why?” Little Grass asked in confusion.

As soon as Ning Shu heard its voice, she imagined a little loli standing in front of her with a questioning expression.

“Because they might kill you,” Ning Shu said.

“If they aren’t able to kill me, then can I absorb them?” Little Grass then asked.

Ning Shu: …

“It depends on the specific situation.” Ning Shu rubbed the space between her eyebrows.

“For example, if you are facing a wild monster, you can absorb and swallow it after you kill it.” Ning Shu endured her temper to explain patiently, “You can also kill and absorb them if they want to harm you or put your life in danger.”

“If they don’t hurt you, don’t hurt them.”

“Oh…” Little Grass “oh”-ed, not really understanding what Ning Shu was saying.

“Also, if you can’t beat them, you have to run away, understand? So long as the green hills remain, there will never be a shortage of firewood—while there is life, there is hope. You can always find a later opportunity to kill that f–cker.” Ning Shu diligently lectured Little Grass.

“I don’t understand…” Little Grass said in a confused tone.

Ning Shu deeply inhaled. “Take it slowly.”

The next day, the academy tournament continued.

Those who could enter the top two hundred were relatively strong.

“Release your summoned beast! Are you really going to try to fight me and my summoned beast with just your bare hands?”

The girl standing opposite Ning Shu wrinkled her brows. Beside her stood a fox-like summoned beast.

Ning Shu nodded and released Little Grass. However, it was only a blade of grass the length of a palm.

Little Grass didn’t reveal its fierce appearance and instead looked like it couldn’t be more ordinary

“This is your summoned beast?” The girl pointed at Little Grass with a weird expression. “Are you going to fight me with a blade of grass?”

“Master, I’ll entangle her and root grass in her body.” Little Grass’s cute voice said extremely malicious words.

“Shut up. Just stay on the side and watch.” Ning Shu rolled her eyes.

“Spirit fox, attack…”

The spirit fox received its owner’s command and rushed towards Ning Shu’s face.

The spirit fox’s speed was very fast. In the blink of an eye, it was already right in front of Ning Shu.

Ning Shu dodged the spirit fox’s attack with a tilt of her head. The spirit fox disappeared in an instant and appeared again behind her. Ning Shu abruptly turned around, reached out her hands, and grabbed the spirit fox’s neck.

But her hands were also scratched by the spirit fox, causing fresh blood to well up.

“Master, let me wrap myself around her.” Little Grass saw that Ning Shu was injured and started making a ruckus again.

Ning Shu threw the spirit fox with great force off the arena. The spirit fox whimpered a few times and seemed like it wouldn’t be able to get up again.

“How dare you treat my spirit fox like this?” The girl’s eyebrows stood up sharply. She glared at Ning Shu and charged toward Ning Shu with her fists clenched.

A summoner‘s power completely came from their summoned beast. This girl’s jack-of-all-trades kung fu was no match for Ning Shu’s. Ning Shu instantly stopped her by catching the girl’s wrist and arm, then forcing them behind the girl’s back.

The girl struggled. “Let me go!”

“Yue Shuangshuang wins!” The instructor shouted.

Translator: chiss

MTL Editor: Taconite

TLC: Kaho

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