QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1234

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Chapter 1234: Never Wanted to Harm the Little Master

Ning Shu considered things, and couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was something wrong. She felt that the issue definitely originated from the wet nurse. However, she couldn’t think of anything that could be off aside from the issue of food.

“The child isn’t hungry, so don’t feed him yet.” Ning Shu picked the baby back up. The wet nurse looked surprised. She had already gotten ready for it, so why was this girl suddenly deciding against it?

Something suddenly occurred to Ning Shu and she squeezed a bit of the milk to taste it. It was very salty.

“You…” Ning Shu turned and left with the child. The wet nurse didn’t even have time to button up her shirt and she hastily moved to stop Ning Shu.

“Miss Miao Ling, I’m begging you, please don’t tell the lady!” The wet nurse’s face was deathly pale. “Miss Miao Ling, I won’t ever dare to do this again. Please, I’m begging you!”

Ning Shu didn’t speak and simply continued walking. The wet nurse hugged Ning Shu’s leg. “Miss Miao Ling, please!”

Ning Shu flung her leg to shake off the wet nurse. The wet nurse was thrown to the side and fell to the ground.

Ning Shu brought the child to Lady Niohuru and said with a curtsy, “This servant has let Lady down. This servant is truly sorry.”

Lady Niohuru looked at Ning Shu in surprise and asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen to the child?”

Before Ning Shu even said anything, the wet nurse had rushed in. Her clothes were disheveled and she looked towards Ning Shu with a pleading expression in her eyes.

Lady Niohuru frowned. “Hand me the child.”

Ning Shu handed the child to Lady Niohuru. Lady Niohuru took the child, then looked towards Ning Shu and the wet nurse. “What’s going on?”

“Lady, this wet nurse had applied salt water to her body, so the child’s digestive system wasn’t doing well these last two days. You should investigate this wet nurse,” said Ning Shu. “This servant had also been negligent. Please forgive this servant.”

Lady Niohuru looked at her child with an expression of lingering fear. As she looked towards the wet nurse again, her voice was filled with rage. “What exactly is going on?”

“Why did you do this?” Lady Niohuru was inwardly grateful that the wet nurse had only applied salt water and not poison. If she had applied poison, Lady Niohuru didn’t know if she’d even be able to see her child anymore.

“Talk! Did the Niohuru family not give you enough money, for you to treat my child like this!?” Blue tendons were pulsing on Lady Niohuru’s forehead. She seemed almost hysterical.

The wet nurse knelt and kowtowed while shouting, “Lady, this humble woman never wanted to hurt the child.”

“Then why did you do this?” Lady Niohuru’s gaze contained murderous intent as she looked towards the wet nurse. After these kinds of things happened again and again, she felt like she had been forced into a corner.

Why did so many people want to hurt her child? Two midwives had tried to kill her while she was giving birth. She had sent them back to the Niohuru residence and had asked her mother to investigate them carefully.

One of the midwives served a concubine of the Niohuru residence and this concubine was Young Lady Niohuru’s mother. The other one had been bribed after she entered the residence.

The news that the Niohuru residence sent was that the midwife had accepted two ingots of silver to do this. They couldn’t find out who was behind it.

“Lady, please calm down,” said Ning Shu calmly.

Lady Niohuru took a deep breath, then looked at the wet nurse coldly. “Who do you serve?”

The wet nurse was sobbing as she said, “Lady, this humble woman really never wanted to harm the little master!”

“What you were doing was harming my child, yet you still dare to say that you didn’t want to harm my child!?” Lady Niohuru’s glare was a little scary. She was like an injured mother beast.

The wet nurse suddenly glared at Ning Shu and pointed at her as she said, “It’s all because of Miao Ling! It’s all because of her!”

Ning Shu’s expression didn’t change as she faced the wet nurse’s accusation. She simply stood at the side without speaking.

Lady Niohuru looked at the wet nurse coldly, then glanced at Ning Shu who wasn’t saying anything. She lowered her head and kissed the child’s forehead, then said lightly, “Oh, what did she do?”

The wet nurse said angrily, “Lady, this humble woman is the child’s wet nurse, the one who’s responsible for taking care of the child! However, Miao Ling doesn’t let this humble woman near the little master at all. This humble woman was just thinking that if something happened to the child, you wouldn’t allow Miao Ling to take care of the child anymore.”

Ning Shu: →_→

Hahaha, so now this was her fault?

Lady Niohuru laughed coldly. “This is my child. It’s my choice who I assign to take care of him. You actually hurt my child for this kind of reason, yet you feel like you’re in the right? And you have the nerve to feel wronged?”

“This humble woman just wanted to take good care of the little master, but Miao Ling wouldn’t allow this humble woman to approach the child at all.” The wet nurse’s expression was a little indignant.

Ning Shu frowned. This wet nurse kept calling herself ‘this humble woman,’ but her ambition wasn’t humble at all.

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