QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1232

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Chapter 1232: Worry Like a Mother

“This servant dares not to accept such honor.” When Ning Shu saw Lady Niohuru’s relieved expression, she instantly realized that she had fallen into the trap.

After Lady Niohuru took out a box containing such things, regardless of whether she accepted them or not, she’d still have to go take care of the little master. Furthermore, Lady Niohuru had never planned to really give her a box of such valuable jewelry.

If she really wanted to reward a servant, any single item she casually picked out of the box would be extremely valuable to a maid.

Every single one of them was truly skilled at scheming.

It was even possible that this was a test.

Ning Shu: →_→

When would this task end!?

Lady Niohuru had just given birth, so she was very tired. Right at this time, Yinzhen came to see Lady Niohuru and her child.

Ning Shu left the room. She was extremely speechless. Her task was to take care of Lady Song’s child, but right now, Lady Nian was raising the child and even raising her very well.

So now she was going to have to look after Lady Niohuru’s child. What exactly was with this task? It wasn’t even her own baby, but she had to worry like a mother. No, actually, she had to worry more than a mother.

Tong Yu helped Ning Shu move into a different room. This room was right next to Lady Niohuru’s room and was quite large. Ning Shu and the wet nurse would take care of the child in this room.

What she had to do was protect the child and make sure that nothing dangerous got close to the child. At the same time, she also kept an eye on the wet nurse. She would taste all the food before the wet nurse could eat them and she would also carefully check for any issues with the child’s clothing.

She didn’t sleep at night and just sat on the bed to practice the Unsurpassable Martial Arts. The cradle was right next to her bed because she had to check on the child from time to time. If the child got hungry in the middle of the night, she’d have to carry the child over to the wet nurse so that the child could drink milk.

The child had been born in a timely manner, so he was very healthy and ate very well. He was fair and tender, completely different from how the little lady had been at the beginning.

Lady Niohuru was a good mother.

Ning Shu’s food wasn’t the same as that of the wet nurse’s. The wet nurse’s food was specially prepared to aid production of milk.

Ning Shu would always taste the wet nurse’s food. However, today’s dishes were a little salty. Even she found them salty.

She could barely swallow the pork shoulder soup. She looked towards the midwife and asked, “Why is the food so salty today?”

If the wet nurse ate salty dishes, the milk she produced would also be salty. It would be a burden on the child’s digestive system. It wasn’t that she couldn’t eat any salt, but she couldn’t eat dishes that were this salty.

The wet nurse said, “I’ve been eating such bland food ever since I came here, so I asked the kitchen’s cook to add a little salt. “

“You should understand. I’m from the countryside, we always have some salted vegetables with meals. I’m used to eating salty dishes, so the food now tastes so bland.”

Ning Shu frowned. “You have to feed the baby milk now. If you eat things that are too salty, it’s not good for the child and it’ll also be harder for you to produce milk. Could it be that you don’t know these things despite being a wet nurse?”

“Miss Miao Ling, I’m only eating them this once, so it’ll be fine. Most of the time, the food doesn’t have any salt at all, so I can’t even swallow them. How am I supposed to produce milk for my little master if I don’t eat?” The wet nurse looked a little annoyed.

Ning Shu scrutinized the wet nurse. She was porty and her facial color was very ruddy. At the start, she had taken care of the child quite well, but what was she trying to do now?

The wet nurse looked away uneasily when she saw that Ning Shu was staring at her, then she said, “Fine, I won’t eat this anymore.”

The kitchen remade the wet nurse’s meal. After the wet nurse ate and fed the baby, Ning Shu carried the baby to Lady Niohuru.

Lady Niohuru cared a lot about her child and would request to see him several times a day. She kept him by her side most of the time.

“Did anything unusual happen recently?” Lady Niohuru took the baby gently.

Ning Shu paused for a moment, then said, “No. There are no issues right now.”

Lady Niohuru’s eyes didn’t shift from the child’s face. “Make sure to pay more attention during this period of time.”

“This servant understands.” Ning Shu wanted to talk about what the wet nurse did, but the fact that the wet nurse wanted to eat salty food wasn’t a huge issue.

However, it seemed that in the future, she had to keep an eye on the wet nurse while taking care of the child.

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