QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1396

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Chapter 1396: You Can Start Plucking

Cai Anqi fumed in silence. Why couldn’t this old lady have said that in advance? She was already holding the kitchen knife in her other hand, so how was she supposed to grab the chicken’s head?

“Mother, my hand hurts. I don’t want to kill the chicken.” Cai Anqi said pitifully.

Ning Shu dismissively said, “It’s OK. You’ll be fine. I even cut my hand when I had killed a chicken for the first time.”

Cai Anqi could see that the old woman would not let her off and insisted on making her kill the chicken.

Cai Anqi silently cursed all Ning Shu’s eighteen generations of ancestors and looked at the chicken with fierce, determined eyes. She grabbed the hen’s head and aggressively plucked its feathers, causing the chicken’s neck to bleed.

“Now, take the knife and slice open the chicken’s throat to drain the blood,” instructed Ning Shu.

Cai Anqi picked up the kitchen knife but didn’t cut the hen’s throat as Ning Shu had told her to. Instead, she directly chopped the hen’s neck with the kitchen knife, and fresh blood splashed out all over the place.

Cai Anqi’s face was also splattered with blood. She screamed out in alarm, immediately dropped the kitchen knife, and rushed to the sink to wash her face.

Ning Shu set the dead chicken into the pot and scalded it with hot water so that it would be easier to pluck out the feathers later.

“Alright, you can start plucking now.” Ning Shu said to Cai Anqi.

Cai Anqi felt like she was going to collapse. She ground her teeth in frustration and squatted down to pluck the feathers out.

However, the dead chicken gave off a nasty smell, which became even more unbearable after being scalded by the hot water. There was also the stink of chicken excrement, which made it worse. Cai Anqi was about to vomit because of the horrible stench. She turned her head and tried holding her breath to pluck the feathers.

Ning Shu simply glanced at her and slowly began to cut the vegetables.

Cai Anqi looked towards her hand. The bright diamonds on her manicure that she had worked so hard on were all gone. She also had to pay attention not to break any of her nails. They were too long and would surely be painful if they were to chip by accident. Cai Anqi felt upset and wronged as she plucked the chicken feathers.

“Anqi, make sure to pull out the tiny feathers too.” Ning Shu instructed Cai Anqi.

Cai Anqi: …

Cai Anqi’s face was pale from exhaustion. She seldom did things like this so she felt very unwell. Furthermore, she was already tired from carrying so many things in the sweltering heat from earlier.

After a while, Cai Anqi was finally able to finish plucking all the chicken feathers. When she tried standing up, she saw stars in front of her eyes and could barely stand.

Ning Shu saw her finish and said, “Good. Now, clean the chicken and then cut it open to take out the internal organs.”

Cai Anqi ran straight out of the kitchen in horror and rushed into the bathroom to vomit.

Ning Shu smirked, laid the chicken in the sink, and dealt with the internal organs herself.

When Cai Anqi finally came out of the bathroom, her face was pale and gaunt. Seeing Ning Shu had dealt with the chicken, she was relieved. But then she heard Ning Shu say, “Wash your hands and come cook.”

“I won’t do it. I don’t know how to.” Cai Anqi vehemently refused.

Ning Shu smiled tenderly and said, “It’s OK. You’ll slowly learn.”

“I don’t want to learn.” Cai Anqi really didn’t feel well now. She wanted to lie down and rest.

Ning Shu still smiled benevolently. “Hurry up, it’s almost noon. Wang Bo will soon be back from work. He will definitely be thrilled to taste your cooking.”

Cai Anqi started to breathe harder, and her face turned into a bright shade of red in anger as she ferociously cursed in her heart. Who did Wang Bo think he was that she needed to cook for him?

Ning Shu still gazed towards Cai Anqi indifferently. Cai Anqi reentered the kitchen with her teeth clenched in frustration. She washed her hands and got ready to cook.

Ning Shu directed her from the side. “Pour the oil first.”

“Turn the heat down. The oil is smoking. Now, pour the vegetables into the pan quickly.”

Cai Anxi felt overwhelmed by Ning Shu’s instructions, so she hurriedly threw the vegetables into the pan, but the hot oil splashed out from the pan and some landed on her body.

Since it was the summer, Cai Anqi wasn’t wearing much, so when the hot oil splashed on her body, she felt a sharp sting. Moreover, some had even splashed on her face.

Cai Anqi was so startled that she threw the spatula onto the pan and ran out of the kitchen.

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