QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1362

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Chapter 1362: Stark Contrast to Her Violence

The red-faced cultivator’s pupils dilated and his face paled in horror in the face of this kind of immense power. He could only grasp his own artifact and try to hold out against this attack.

The axe shadow hacked heavily at the artifact, making an enormous boom. The red-faced cultivator’s face turned even more red and he spat out a fresh mouthful of blood with a ‘pfff.’ His artifact was instantly shattered to pieces. Even if he wanted to repair it, he wouldn’t be able to anymore.

The red-faced cultivator immediately took out an amulet and escaped in a flash.

Seeing him leave, some of the cultivators who had originally been watching from the sidelines also turned tail to flee.

Ning Shu held the axe as it vibrated slightly, emitting a humming noise. This made many of the cultivators speechless.

Ning Shu’s body was that of a sixteen year old and her face still carried a childish air about it. It was in stark contrast to how violent she was when she swung the axe at people.

Ning Shu slung the axe over her shoulder and her gaze swept over these people one by one. Whenever she made eye contact with a cultivator, the cultivator would look away. Some of the weaker cultivators decided to observe for the time being. Of course, they couldn’t possibly give up this chance to obtain a divine artifact. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

They would regret it for the rest of their lives if they missed this chance.

After a while, the people surrounding the house retreated. However, Ning Shu could still feel the sensation of being watched coming from all around. Clearly, there were some people who were still hiding in the dark, not showing themselves.

Ning Shu put the sky splitting axe back in her dantian and gave Qing Yue a thumbs-up. “You really are amazing.”

It was pretty remarkable that the sky splitting axe turned out powerful to the point that everyone coveted it.

“You probably shouldn’t make any more stuff. As soon as you make something, it will definitely cause a bloodbath,” said Ning Shu.

Qing Yue looked at Ning Shu silently. “You’re too weak. You can’t even fully display the sky splitting axe’s power.”

“Yes, but I’ll work hard in order to not stifle the potential of the sky splitting axe.” Ning Shu smiled as she said, “In the future, the sky splitting axe will become Longevity Sect’s divine guardian artifact.”

Jiang Le said, “Master, you’re so amazing!”

“You’re also pretty good. This technique is very powerful, but you can’t teach it to others. Otherwise, Longevity Sect won’t have anything to stand on,” said Ning Shu. Her purpose in establishing Longevity Sect was to allow people with the same fate as Xiao Susu to change their own destinies through the sect.

There were many half-humans, half-demons like Xiao Susu who slipped through the cracks to be born. Anyway, this world is making everything so convenient for her, so why not make full use of it?

Jiang Le knelt down and vowed, “This disciple swears by the Heavenly Dao that he will never reveal the technique to the human race or the demon race.”

Ning Shu nodded. “Get up.”

“Can this be passed onto other half-humans, half-demons?” asked Jiang Le.

Ning Shu said, “If they can cultivate, that’s also pretty good. In the future, you will be Longevity Sect’s eldest senior brother.”

Qing Yue asked Ning Shu, “What are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to go recruit disciples. Longevity Sect needs to expand.” Ning Shu thought a bit and then said, “I’ll go to the boundary between the territory of the human race and demon race.”

As usual, Qing Yue said, “Up to you.”

Ning Shu looked at Qing Yue and said, “Do you have anything you need to do? You don’t have to follow me.”

Qing Yue said, “I don’t have anything to do. I want to follow you in order to understand more about that pla… plane stuff you talked about.”

Ning Shu nodded. “Okay then. I was just worried I was holding you back.”

The three left Jiang Le’s house. Jiang Le looked back at his dilapidated house one last time before turning around and following behind Ning Shu.

Translator: LiLi

#LiLi’s comments: Haha, but that’s so Ning Shu? Hacking an axe at people ferociously, without trying to look super pretty or graceful? Just like her whip in the second arc~

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

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