QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1212

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Chapter 1212: Nicknames of ‘Pig’ and ‘Dog’

Lady Song wasn’t a qualified mother.

Ning Shu looked at the thin child. She didn’t know if the child would even be able to survive a month.

“Do your best.” Ning Shu sighed as she said this to the child in the cradle. Being able to live was a very happy thing.

After a month passed, Lady Song wanted to have another child. She used the fact that the child was now one month old and should be named as an excuse to invite Yinzhen over.

Yinzhen didn’t name the child. He said to wait until she turned one year old. Yinzhen was worried that the child wouldn’t survive, so naming her would just reduce good fortune.

Ning Shu: Jesus. With a name, even if she did die, at least she wouldn’t be a nameless little ghost.

In some ways, Yinzhen really was quite cruel and ruthless. He had killed his brothers and given his brothers the nicknames of ‘pig’ and ‘dog’, all because he resented the fact that his mother was partial to his biological younger brother.

Ning Shu really couldn’t understand how such a cold-faced emperor attracted women so much. Was it because the iceberg, though cold, was extremely charming once melted? That was why so many transmigrated lil sis’ kept throwing themselves at him?

After Lady Ula Nara became pregnant, Lady Li, the future Consort Qi, also found out that she was one month pregnant.

Lady Song had already been very upset when she found out that Lady Ula Nara was pregnant, but now someone else was also pregnant. She became even more impatient and was determined to have a son.

Yinzhen was pretty happy, the more sons, the more happiness, after all. However, he was worried that they would be weak like the first child so he sent all the nourishing items in his storehouse to the two pregnant women.

Lady Song was so angry that she was practically about to pass out. When she first became pregnant, she only got some nourishing items from the primary consort, the prince hadn’t given her anything.

She was the prince’s first woman and had given birth to his first child!

Lady Song had completely lost self-control ever since she became pregnant.

Ning Shu paid no attention to how Lady Song was doing. At the very least, the little lady now a month old. She had managed to survive one month. As of now, she would occasionally open her eyes. The rest of the time though, she still kept her eyes closed and barely even bothered to move.

Ning Shu would sometimes gently massage her little arms and legs.

This inner courtyard truly was a place where women were buried. For the sake of pursuing benefits and glory, even the relationship between a mother and her child could be distorted. Mothers loved their children, but Lady Song’s love was conditional, and that condition was that the child was a boy.

After going through all that suffering to give birth to this child, she didn’t even care for this child.

The reason men married so many women was to have more children, but the more women there were in the inner courtyard, the fewer children he’d end up having. More children ended up dying young. Children ended up being consumable goods in the battle between the women.

Ning Shu’s job in Lady Niohuru’s courtyard was still just to sweep the floor and Lady Niohuru’s attitude towards her was very indifferent. However, whenever she went to visit the other ladies or left the courtyard, she’d always bring her along.

She acted like she trusted her a lot. It made Ning Shu feel really uneasy. She couldn’t really figure out what Lady Niohuru was trying to do.

Lady Niohuru acted like she was training her to be a personal maid and trusted aid. However, Ning Shu could sense that Lady Niohuru didn’t actually trust her.

Ning Shu wasn’t really bothered by it though. All she needed to do was stay alive in this inner courtyard.

There was no use worrying about unrelated things.

“Miao Ling, I want to ask you about something.” Tong Yu walked into the room and spoke to Ning Shu. Ning Shu quickly put away the powder on the table as she asked Tong Yu, “Big Sis Tong Yu, do you need something?”

Tong Yu was the person closest to Lady Niohuru. It was rumored that the two had grown up together. Tong Yu had come to the residence with Lady Niohuru, so the fact that Tong Yu came to look for her basically meant that Lady Niohuru wanted something from her.

Tong Yu hesitated for a moment, then asked, “Do you know any folk remedies for conceiving?”

Ning Shu was stunned for a moment. “The lady wants one?”

Tong Yu said, “Several of the other ladies have already become pregnant and the prince has visited the lady’s courtyard as well, so why hasn’t the lady gotten any news yet?”

“That’s why I wanted to ask if you had any folk remedies.” Tong Yu looked towards Ning Shu.

Ning Shu shook her head and said, “I don’t have any folk remedies for conceiving. The lady’s health is very good, she really doesn’t need to take any medicine. Taking medicine would only damage her health. The lady will definitely be able to become pregnant, so don’t worry.”

“You can ask the residence’s doctor to to help her adjust her body a little.” Ning Shu didn’t have any secret recipes for helping fertility.

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