QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1240

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Chapter 1240: When Can I Leave!? x999

“When will I be able to leave this world?” Ning Shu felt that her task was complete. The little lady had gotten free from her fate. At the very least, she had managed to turn two years old.

“You’ll be informed once the task time is up.” 2333 didn’t speak again.

Ning Shu: …

What kind of task was this?

She didn’t know what the criteria of completion for this task was at all.

Ning Shu stopped worrying about when she would be able to leave this place and asked Lady Niohuru, “Lady, have you found out who was trying to harm the little master?”

When this matter was brought up, a trace of melancholy appeared on Lady Niohuru’s face. She shook her head. “I haven’t been able to find out. Just when I found out which embroiderer had made the garments, she left the residence. Rumors say she caught a foul illness, so she returned home.”

“Lady, do you have suspects?” asked Ning Shu. These events had clearly targeted Hongli.

Yinzhen was targeted because he had good prospects, while Hongli was targeted because he was an obstacle.

For some people, Hongli simply got in the way.

“Suspects?” Lady Niohuru pressed her lips together and shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Based on how Lady Niohuru looked, Ning Shu had the feeling that Lady Niohuru already had her suspicions, she just wasn’t certain. Ning Shu changed the topic. “Does the prince know about this?”

“I didn’t tell the prince. Even if I did…” Even if she did tell him, he wouldn’t protect her child. Lady Niohuru’s facial color worsened.

Ning Shu shook her head. “Regardless of the prince’s stance, it’s still good to let him know about it.”

Things in the inner courtyard didn’t always have to be covert. Sometimes bringing things out into the open was more effective.

After all, Yinzhen was the master of this residence. Regardless of how he decided to deal with this matter, it’d only be beneficial for Lady Niohuru.

Ning Shu suspected that Lady Ula Nara was behind this. She was in charge of the entire inner courtyard and managed all the servants. If she wanted an embroiderer to leave, the embroiderer would have to leave.

Simply due to the fact that she was the most powerful woman in this inner courtyard.

However, these were simply Ning Shu’s guesses. The primary consort had given birth to a legitimate son, and the other children were simply children of concubines. They posed no threat to her child.

So why would she want to get rid of Lady Niohuru’s child?

But… Honghui had died at the age of eight.

Could it be that she was targeting Lady Niohuru’s child because she knew how history went?

This inner courtyard had a transmigrator and a reincarnator, so this primary consort may have been reborn.

What the heck was with the people in Yinzhen’s inner courtyard?

They transmigrated and got reborn just to grab hold of this man, for the sake of reaching the peak of power by using Yinzhen.

To confirm that the primary consort was a transmigrator, Ning Shu started secretly asking around about the incidents in Lady Ula Nara’s courtyard.

Lady Ula Nara had asked a female doctor from the palace to come help take care of her child. She also had three wet nurses just to make sure that there was enough milk at all times.

It was obvious from Lady Ula Nara’s attitude just how much she cared about her child.

Perhaps Lady Ula Nara had gone through a rebirth, but this didn’t have much to do with her, a humble servant. However, if Lady Ula Nara insisted on fighting Lady Niohuru, then she’d naturally choose to stand on Lady Niohuru’s side.

At the beginning when Lady Song threw her away, it was Lady Niohuru who took her in.

If Lady Niohuru hadn’t taken her at that time, she didn’t know what her situation would be like now.

At that time, Lady Ula Nara had made a deliberate show of strength as a warning, and she had been that pitiful cannon fodder used.

In any case, her fate was tied to Lady Niohuru’s fate.

Who would win in the end? Would it be Lady Niohuru as destined, Lady Ula Nara who had gone through a rebirth, or Young Lady Niohuru who had transmigrated here?

Oh, and there was also Yinzhen who was surrounded by all these women.

Yinzhen had actually obtained the admiration of so many unique women. His life truly had not been in vain.

Ning Shu didn’t tell Lady Niohuru about her conjectures. There were some things she could say, but some things weren’t her place to say as a servant.

Her current job was still to take care of the child.

She really didn’t ever want to be a night nanny again. She had to take care of one child after another, raising them from the time they’re babies to school age. She really hoped that she wouldn’t have an adult son next time.

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