QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1583

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Chapter 1583: A Will Was in Order

Moreover, it was not like those employees of Xi Mucheng’s company had sold their lives to him.

Xi Mucheng was rich, sure, but not every employee of his was the same.

Ning Shu had spent a lot of effort protecting the Shi company since the old man’s accident. Fortunately, there was trouble on Xi Mucheng’s side. Otherwise, with his personality, how could he let go of such an opportunity?

It was simply not Xi Mucheng if he didn’t come out to cause trouble.

But he now had his fair share of problems, so he couldn’t care less about the Shi’s company.

At the hospital, Ning Shu went straight to the old man’s room. The old man had woken up, but his spirit was so bad that he couldn’t talk much.

The maid was taking care of the old man, wiping his face and hands.

“Dad.” Ning Shu called out.

When the old man saw Ning Shu, he asked weakly, “Did Old Zhang really die?”

“Yeah.” Ning Shu said, “He died after the ambulance rescued him. The driver who hit him admitted he was hired to kill him.”

The old man didn’t speak for a while, then said, “Get my lawyer over here.”

Calling a lawyer, it looked like his will was in order.

Ning Shu called the old man’s personal lawyer. Soon after, the lawyer, dressed in a suit, came over.

However, he was accompanied by an old man of around the same age.

When the old man saw Ning Shu’s father lying in the hospital bed, he asked, “Can you pull through?”

He was the old man’s friend from his youth to the present and was also his personal lawyer. His position as a lawyer was now inherited by his son.

This old man had a very high status in Ning Shu’s father’s heart. Shi Lina even had to call him Uncle Zhou.

“I’m getting old. Who knows if I’ll make it through this time? I’ve called you here to write my will.” The old man’s voice was quite weak.

After Uncle Zhou’s son opened the computer, the old man said, “Upon my death, all the assets under me, including my company shares, real estate, and everything else, will”—the old man looked at Ning Shu—“be Inherited by my daughter, Shi Lina. The things said above were all said while I was conscious.”

Uncle Zhou’s son typed on the keyboard and printed out the document. He then placed it in front of the old man, who looked at it word by word before saying to Ning Shu, “Take a look.”

Ning Shu took the document and scrutinized it. A long while later, she said, “No problems, Dad.”

With the pen in hand, the old man lifted his hand with difficulty and signed it. He then pressed his thumb on the ink pad and left his fingerprint.

“Now, this document has legal effect.” The lawyer placed the will in the file bag. Once it was notarized, it could be sealed and put in a safe place.

Ning Shu said to the old man, “Dad, just take care of your health. Don’t think about the rest.”

After recording his will, the old man was exhausted. He closed his eyes.

Ning Shu said to Uncle Zhou, “Thank you, Uncle, for coming to visit Dad.”

Uncle Zhou told Ning Shu to be strong. The old man was still here, so she didn’t need to be too afraid.

After sending off the lawyer, Ning Shu went to the hospital to register for the egg retrieval procedure.

The Shi family wouldn’t be handed over to Shi Sinan anyway. Ning Shu had already given up on her. Shi Sinan couldn’t inherit a single thing from the Shi family.

The things of the Shi family should all the more not fall into Xi Mucheng’s hands.

After egg retrieval, she would go to the sperm bank for quality sperm. Once she selected high-quality spermatozoa, she’d need to find a professional surrogate mother to conceive the child.

This body was already forty years old. Although it had benefited from regular maintenance, it was already of advanced reproductive age. It wasn’t good for the development of children.

MTL Editor: Meraki

TLC: Kaho

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