QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1314

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Chapter 1314: Matchmaking

Besides, all the men that were an appropriate match were avoiding Ning Shu. It was because Ning Shu’s way of taking action was seriously too valiant. She had shot footage of her ex-husband’s sex affairs and demanded a huge sum of 200 million yuan when getting divorced. Furthermore, she even had heart disease and couldn’t give birth. Anyone with any brains would never marry her.

However, there were also some men who took a fancy to Ning Shu’s two hundred million yuan and expressed their willingness to marry her.

Ning Shu: Just scram back to wherever you came from!

The Ni family parents had their hands tied, so they had Ni Yan help to see if there were any reliable men around.

Ni Yan glanced towards Ning Shu who seemed completely unconcerned and said, “I do have a subordinate who’s a suitable candidate. He’s very reliable and has a good temperament. If you’re willing, I can arrange for you two to meet.”

“Oh, then how is his family background?” asked Ning Shu casually.

“It’s not that good. However, he’s very hard-working so his future is filled with potential. He’s a very talented right-hand man,” said Ni Yan.

Ning Shu shot him a sidelong glance. “Forget it. If the family background doesn’t match, then the pair doesn’t match. Otherwise when the time comes, he’ll say that you were the one that forced him to marry your sick sister. I have more money in my possession than he does, and I even have a better family background compared to him. Any guy with any sense of male chauvinism wouldn’t be able to stand it. It’ll make him feel suffocated. And what’s the point of marrying a wife who can’t produce an heir?”

Ni Yan: …

“If that’s what you think, then just give up on getting married,” said Ni Yan.

Ning Shu replied offhandedly, “I never intended to get married again. Do all women have to get married? This life is plenty comfortable.”

Ning Shu felt that this life she had transmigrated into was wonderful. No one would force her to get married. People made it seem like if a woman didn’t get married, then she was trash, a piece of trash that no one wanted.

Ni Yan stopped trying to introduce people to Ning Shu and said, “The donor has already agreed to donate her heart. We’ll probably be able to have the operation soon. The hospital has already arranged the operation for you so go pack up. You will be staying in the hospital starting tomorrow.”

Ning Shu: No, I won’t…

When would she be able to leave this world?

The Ni family completely disregarded Ning Shu’s opinion and sent her to the hospital. They consoled her and told her not to be nervous, but they were way more nervous than she was.

Ni Yan said to Ning Shu, “Don’t be scared, just focus on taking good care of your body for now. I’ve already invited the best doctor for you. Once the heart comes, you’ll be able to have the operation. Afterwards, you’ll be able to travel wherever you want.”

Ning Shu saw the Ni family’s expressions of hope and anticipation and felt very helpless. If she refused this operation, the Ni family would be so sad. It would be better if she died on the operating table instead of refusing this operation.

As soon as the heart arrived at the hospital, Ning Shu was pushed to the operating room and all kinds of instruments were attached to her. Ning Shu inwardly cursed. 2333, are you dead? Why was he still not transporting her back?

After being given an anesthetic, she became so dizzy that she soon fainted. The next time she woke up, her entire body was numb.

Ni Yan came in wearing sterile clothes. When he saw that Ning Shu had woken up, he smiled happily. “The operation was very successful. Jingjing, just rest up and recover.”

Ning Shu felt extremely bitter inside. She couldn’t help but feel bad as she faced this happy family.

It was a shame that the original host didn’t plan to come back. The operation was successful, so her body wouldn’t be as weak as before anymore.

“Ding, the task has been completed. Do you wish to leave the task world?” 2333’s voice appeared.

Ning Shu said in a very depressed tone, “Leave.”

Would it kill him to get her out of here earlier? She was leaving only after the operation turned out successful. How was the Ni family supposed to take this?

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