QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1248

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Chapter 1248: Flirting in the Kitchen

Jing Shaoze helped Ning Shu up.

When Ning Shu got downstairs, she saw that Ye Xi was already sitting at the dining table along with Ni Jing’s father-in-law and mother-in-law.

“Are you feeling better?” asked Jing Shaoze’s mother.

Jing Shaoze got the chair for Ning Shu. After sitting down, Ning Shu replied, “I’m feeling much better.”

“You have to pay more attention to your health. It’s not good to be like this all the time, and most importantly, you’re the one who suffers,” said Jing Shaoze’s mother.

The heck was with that? She was talking as if Ni Jing wanted to have this illness. It wasn’t like she had a choice with this kind of thing, but Jing Shaoze’s mother seemed to blame her for troubling everyone with this disease. She implied that Ni Jing was just pretending to have a heart attack.

Ning Shu didn’t speak and just sized Ye Xi up. Ye Xi was sitting opposite her and quietly eating the special evening meal designed by the nutritionist.

Ye Xi was a very beautiful and healthy woman with a ruddy complexion and flawless skin. She was totally different from Ni Jing who was thin, weak, and sickly.

Ye Xi notice Ning Shu’s gaze and glanced up, but then quickly lowered her head again.

After practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts for the entire afternoon, Ning Shu was also starving, so she started eating in silence.

Jing Shaoze was very happy to see that Ning Shu was eating quite a lot today and hastily got more food for her.

Ye Xi glanced at Jing Shaoze and Ning Shu, then continued eating with her head lowered.

After dinner, Ye Xi helped clear the table and then silently started doing the dishes in the kitchen. She tried to reduce her presence in this house as much as possible.

Although Jing Shaoze was talking to Ning Shu, he kept glancing towards the kitchen the entire time. Finally, he said, “You ate quite a lot tonight. I’ll go get some digestive medicine for you, otherwise you’ll probably feel uncomfortable later.”

Ning Shu didn’t speak and just watched as Jing Shaoze headed into the kitchen.

Jing Shaoze walked into the kitchen and saw that Ye Xi was washing dishes, so he walked over with a cold expression to grab her wrist. Ye Xi was in the middle of picking up a plate so when Jing Shaoze abruptly grabbed her wrist, she was startled and the plate fell to the ground.

Ye Xi looked towards Jing Shaoze in shock and wanted to get free from his grip, but he pushed her against the wall.

Ye Xi was alarmed and wanted to push him away, but he said coldly, “Stop with your fanciful thinking, there’s no way I’ll touch you. The one I love is Jingjing. You’re just a woman who’s willing to become a surrogate mother for money.”

Ye Xi pressed her lips together tightly and didn’t try to explain herself. She simply faced Jing Shaoze silently.

This man clearly had a gentle side, so why was he always so cold and ruthless towards her? It wasn’t like she wanted to be a surrogate mother.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? What did you say to Jingjing earlier today for her to end up having a heart attack?” demanded Jing Shaoze as he pressed one hand on the wall behind Ye Xi. “Don’t test my patience,”

Jing Shaoze’s tall body was almost covering the entire length of Ye Xi’s body. His strong masculine scent made it hard for her to breathe and even her heartbeat was starting to go out of control.

“I know you hate me, but I really didn’t say anything,” said Ye Xi.

Jing Shaoze scoffed, his expression demonic. His manner was completely different from how he was in front of Ni Jing.

Jing Shaoze was gentle and carefully protective of Ni Jing, but he was like a man conquering a woman in front of Ye Xi.

Although Jing Shaoze said that he found Ye Xi disgusting, he was always trying to have bodily contact with her. He was always pulling her arm, cornering her in a wall bam, and mocking her with hurtful words.

Ning Shu stood quietly at the door and observed the two. Jing Shaoze didn’t act like himself at all in front of Ye Xi.

Jing Shaoze was an elegant person who was skilled in societal manners and courteous yet politely distanced. However, right now he looked as if he had been possessed by a tyrannical chairman with demonic charm.

Regardless of whether he was mocking Ye Xi or doing mean things to her, he was still subconsciously trying to attract her attention.

However, Jing Shaoze still brainwashed himself by saying: The one I love is Ni Jing. I love my wife, there is no way I like this woman who became a surrogate mother for money. Absolutely no way. This woman was destroying his relationship with Ni Jing.

Jing Shaoze was simply an indecisive person. Even as he repeated that he loved his wife, he still flirted with Ye Xi.

“Jing Shaoze, you said that I became a surrogate mother for money. I’ll admit to that.” Ye Xi looked up at Jing Shaoze. “I’m willing to pay this price in order to save my father’s company. I don’t care whether you look down on me or not.”

“It’s none of your business why I became a surrogate mother. This is my own choice,” said Ye Xi stubbornly.

“Your mouth is quite sharp. But I don’t want my child to come out of the stomach of a woman like you,” said Jing Shaoze with a ridiculing smile.

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