QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1376

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Chapter 1376: Battle with Lord Qing Hua

A corner of Ning Shu’s mouth hooked up. Although it was a pity that the bloodsucking worm didn’t work, the powder that burst out of the axe was still poisonous. Also, this poison wasn’t made with just any ordinary medicinal ingredients. Lord Qing Hua would be out of luck if he even breathed in just a mouthful of it. Moreover, standing next to him was Yu Linger.

If she was poisoned, it would become very troublesome for him.

Lord Qing Hua looked at Ning Shu coldly. His expression held an unprecedented coldness. Obviously, he was annoyed that he had been tricked by Ning Shu in front of so many others.

Ning Shu smiled. Who said only you could plot against others, but others couldn’t plot against you?

Lord Qing Hua coldly rebuked, “You lowly half-human, half-demon, what exactly are you trying to do?”

Ning Shu shrugged. “I brought my disciples over to fight and promote Longevity Sect’s reputation while we were at it.”

“Everyone in Longevity Sect is a half-human, half-demon. This is a half-human, half-demon sect.” Ning Shu looked at these people. “You guys can fight first, no need to mind us.”

Lord Qing Hua’s face was ashen. He said, “Then let me see just how powerful your Longevity Sect is.”

Clearly, he was trying to regain his honor after that earlier embarrassment.

Ning Shu floated up into the air and nodded. “Sure.”

The sky splitting axe appeared in Ning Shu’s hand with a thought. This was the real sky splitting axe.

Lord Qing Hua looked at the sky splitting axe in Ning Shu’s hand. “You’re not qualified to possess this kind of divine artifact.”

“It’s not up to you to decide whether I am qualified or not.” Ning Shu raised the axe and a huge axe shadow formed behind her that hacked towards Lord Qing Hua.

Lord Qing Hua narrowed his eyes as he observed Ning Shu’s attack. The folding fan in his hand turned, transforming into an endless rain of swords that stabbed against the axe shadow.

The axe shadow ignored the swords and swung towards Lord Qing Hua with a rumbling sound. Lord Qing Hua dodged and the axe shadow ended up striking the ground, making the earth tremble as a deep ravine appeared below.

Ning Shu brandished the sky splitting axe while also releasing her spiritual energy dragon to attack Lord Qing Hua from behind.

As Lord Qing Hua transformed more swords to resist the axe shadow, he suddenly felt a slight fluctuation of spiritual energy behind him.

Even though it was only a very, very subtle spiritual energy fluctuation, he still felt it. Suddenly, he felt all the hairs on his body rise up on end. For a moment, he couldn’t determine how big the thing was, and could only dodge instinctively.

However, he still got hit by it. Lord Qing Hua felt like he had been slammed into by a gigantic mountain. His internal organs had all been shaken up and he spat a mouthful of blood.

Lord Qing Hua fell to the ground and vomited blood. Finally, he managed to stand up by propping himself up with his sword, but his complexion was extremely terrible.

He didn’t know what had sneak-attacked him. He quickly chanted a spell and flicked his fingers across his eyelids, then was able to see a transparent thing not far away from him. It was a huge, transparent roaring dragon, and it was currently rushing towards him.

Lord Qing Hua dodged with difficulty, but he was still hit by the dragon’s tail. He crashed onto the ground, creating several cracks in it.

Ning Shu recalled her energy and looked at Lord Qing Hua condescendingly.

Lord Qing Hua stuffed a pill in his mouth and felt his spiritual energy flow a little smoother. He was very astonished by Ning Shu’s strength. He said coldly, “What evil technique have you been cultivating?”

“What evil techniques am I cultivating?” Ning Shu looked at him contemptuously. “If you lose, you say that other people are practicing evil techniques. Seems like Immortal Sect only amounts to this much.”

When Yu Linger saw that her master had been injured, she felt like she was in a very difficult situation and became panicked. She ran towards Lord Qing Hua, and positioned herself in front of him, indignantly shouting at Ning Shu, “Senior Sister, your behavior is too disgraceful! You actually dared to hit Master!”

“Yu Linger, stand aside,” said Lord Qing Hua anxiously, vomiting a mouthful of blood. There was a black clot in the blood he vomited, which meant that his internal organs had probably been injured.

Yu Linger stood in front of Lord Qing Hua and said firmly, “You’re injured. I won’t leave.”

“I won’t let you hurt Master. Senior Sister, just what is going on?” Yu Linger looked like she was at a loss. Then, she said angrily, “No matter what, you shouldn’t attack Master. You’ve even wounded him.”

Translator: Lili

#LiLi’s comments: Urgh, I kind of dislike Yu Linger. I mean, I get where she’s coming from. Lord Qing Hua has been super good to her. And she’s been with him longer. But her attitude is so frustrating. Like, everything’s black and white. Can’t she see Lord Qing Hua is exactly like one of those black-bellied, two-faced rich powerful presidents in those overbearing CEO novels who are ridiculously unreasonable and destroy other people while smiling and chasing after the female lead? Awful on the inside!!! Just because he’s nice to her, doesn’t mean he’s a good person. But she’s really so naive…

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

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