QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1051

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Chapter 1051: A People’s Hero Flag

She originally thought that Chu Xiaoran only had a little bit of power underground, but when she saw the gun in his hand, she got the feeling that she had to reappraise his actual power.

If he possessed firearms, then that meant he didn’t just have a normal gang.

Due to having a gun aimed at her, for the time being, she didn’t dare to make a move lightly. The dagger she had been holding had also been taken away and her hands were pinned behind her back so she couldn’t move.

Before even saying anything, Chu Xiaoran punched Ning Shu in the stomach. Ning Shu instantly felt pain like her insides had been knotted up.

“Lawyer Xu, weren’t you pretty good at fighting?” asked Chu Xiaoran coldly.

Chu Xiaoran still held a grudge about Ning Shu hitting him that time in front of the courthouse.

Ning Shu was in so much pain that she kept inhaling sharply. She looked like she was about to die from the pain.

“Drag him in the car.” Chu Xiaoran’s gaze was dark as he looked at Ning Shu. He was probably considering which was the best way to torment her to death at this point.

Right at this moment, sounds of police sirens filled the air. The police cars got to them in the blink of an eye. Chu Xiaoran’s face filled with shock. He glanced at Ning Shu, then lifted his gun to try and directly shoot Ning Shu to death.

Ning Shu abruptly heaved up the two people that were pinning her down and pretty much disregarded the future of one arm to throw a person towards Chu Xiaoran. The person she flung out was shot to death by Chu Xiaoran, but Chu Xiaoran also ended up being crushed by the corpse.

As the police moved towards them, Chu Xiaoran quickly pushed aside the corpse that was on top of him and concealed his face with his arm as he got onto the car. After getting into the car, he shot towards Ning Shu again. Ning Shu quickly dropped to the ground, but the bullet still grazed her shoulder. It was extremely painful. Blood kept flowing without stop, causing her entire body to feel cold.

Ning Shu looked at Chu Xiaoran’s license place. Once the police reached her, she hastily said, “The license plate is T-5348.”

The police cars chased after Chu Xiaoran. Ning Shu felt exhausted and she was also injured, so by the time she was brought to the hospital, she had already passed out.

The next time she woke up, she felt like her entire body was pinned down with exhaustion. She couldn’t move one of her hands at all, but the injury on her shoulder had already been bandaged.

“Son, you’re awake?” When Mother Xu came in and saw that Ning Shu had woken up, her eyes reddened. “You’re finally awake! You scared your dad and I to death! You’re the only son we have, what are we supposed to do if something happened to you?”

“Catching criminals is something that the police should be doing, what’s an ordinary citizen like you doing something that dangerous for!? Did you even think about your parents!?” The more Mother Xu said, the more her voice trembled.

Ning Shu knew that Mother Xu was just worried about her, so she hastily guaranteed that there wouldn’t be a next time.

The higher ups came to visit Ning Shu and even gave her a People’s Hero flag, so Ning Shu who was half-disabled had to sit up and used her remaining functioning hand to hold the flag and take a photo with the government people.

With an ‘it’s my honor, my pride, my duty’ expression.

The moment the government people and the reporters left, Ning Shu immediately said to Mother Xu, “Mom, hurry and help me back to bed.”

Her entire body fricking hurt. As she looked at the cheap flag, she felt like her body hurt even more. It was fine that they gave her a flag, but couldn’t they give some substantial stuff too?

However, she later heard that Chu Xiaoran had ended up being caught by the police. His car had been blocked the same way his people had blocked her car. When Ning Shu found out about this, she felt better.

Chu Xiaoran had been arrested for the time being and the government had quickly searched and seized Chu Xiaoran’s base. Chu Xiaoran had been operating an underground gambling house and a loan shark business. Chu Xiaoran used the companies he had on the surface to wash the money he gained from the high-rolling interest loans and the gambling house clean.

When the higher ups came to visit Ning Shu, their faces had such bright smiles it looked like they were high. It was because this was another huge sum of money that was going into their pockets that they could use to make T City develop even better.

Ning Shu told them to make sure to seize everything from Chu Xiaoran cleanly. The higher ups replied that they didn’t even let a single one of his henchmen go.

Ning Shu only relaxed upon hearing this. Finally that cheap flag wasn’t so painful to look at anymore.

Ning Shu stayed in the hospital. The ligament of one of her arms had a severe strain and was dislocated. This arm probably wouldn’t have any strength for about a year. However, using this as the price to trade for getting Chu Xiaoran behind bars was completely worth it.

Ning Shu stayed in the hospital for half a month, then left the hospital. Chu Xiaoran’s case hadn’t been heard. The government released Chu Xiaoran, but Chu Xiaoran’s influence underground had already been weeded clean.

Ning Shu felt very uncomfortable. If she had managed to pin the crime of doing criminal activities onto Chu Xiaoran, then Chu Xiaoran wouldn’t be able to change his situation in this lifetime.

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