QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0691

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Chapter 691: If There Was a 3p…

The fact that the divine maiden had two mates caused an uproar in Winged Tigers Tribe. A female actually had two mates!

It was hard for the beastmen of Winged Tigers Tribe to accept this. At the same time, the male beastmen were also excited and anticipation could be seen in their eyes.

It was clear that they wanted to join this harem family. It was especially the case with Kai. Ever since Qian Jia had returned to Winged Tigers Tribe, he was even more eagerly attentive towards her. It was clear that he saw hope.

In response to this, Ning Shu just scoffed.

As Zhi tidied up the herbs, she said to Ning Shu, “This is a complete mess. Cao, I feel like this is really not good.”

Ning Shu replied mildly, “It’ll be fine once you get used to it.”

Zhi: …

“Cao, didn’t you say before that the divine maiden would have more than one mate? How did you know about that?” asked Zhi casually.

“The divine maiden’s pretty after all.”


“Isn’t that enough? Good things should be shared with everyone, no?” replied Ning Shu mildly.

Zhi: …

“Moreover, she’s the divine maiden, so what’s the issue with having a couple more mates?”

Zhi scratched at her head. “I can’t help but feel like something’s being broken. I really don’t like this.”

It was normal for people to find it hard to accept when a rule they’ve always followed was broken. Right now, Zhi couldn’t accept the fact that a female could have multiple mates.

This has never happened before.

Ning Shu shrugged.

This beastman from the Black Snakes Tribe was also very unfriendly, especially towards Ning Shu. Whenever they bumped into each other in the tribe, the beastman from the Black Snakes Tribe would fix his dangerous dark gaze on Ning Shu.

It was pretty scary. Zhi hid behind Ning Shu fearfully.

The beastman from the Black Snakes Tribe looked at Ning Shu, then licked his lips with his slightly pointy tongue and asked, “You’re the female that bullied my family’s divine maiden?”

Qian Jia had probably told this male about all the incidents that had happened between them.

Ning Shu’s gaze was fixed on the beastman’s lower body though. She was extremely curious. Did he really have two genitals?

Ning Shu only snapped out of it when Zhi tugged at her beast skin, but her thoughts continued to wander along that path. While they were doing dat, was it in beast form or in human form?

Felines had barbs on their weenies, so if the males of the Winged Tigers Tribe were in their beast form, they probably also had barbs on dat too, right?

With barbs, two weenies, if there was a 3p, would Qian Jia be able to hold up?

Just imagining the scene was enough to cause an exploding nosebleed.

When the male from the Black Snakes Tribe saw that this female was scrutinizing him with a strange expression, he threw a poisonous snake towards her. The snake flew straight towards Ning Shu’s face.

However, Ning Shu caught the snake and, revolving her energy, easily tore it in half.

The beastman saw that Ning Shu had been able to catch his pet easily and even kill it. This was a pet he had raised with the utmost care.

“You deserve to die.” The beastman’s eyes dilated.

Ning Shu pulverized the snake’s corpse with a stomp. “If you have the ability to, come kill me.”

The beastman from the Black Snakes Tribe was stunned. It was clear that he hadn’t expected to encounter a female that was stupid enough to provoke a male beastman this way.

The beastman really wanted to just transform and strangle this female to death.

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