QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0614

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Chapter 614: Scorching Possessiveness

Ning Shu gave Mai Douer the medicine. Once she took it, Ning Shu was just about to ask her if she had taken any contraceptives but Mai Douer immediately pulled open the door and got off the car, so she could only swallow her words back down.

Forget it, this wasn’t something that she needed to worry about.

Even during the filming, she couldn’t help but feel like there was a sticky-sweet atmosphere between Mo Juefeng and Mai Douer.

This was how the male and female leads were supposed to be.

However, when Mai Douer was about to film a kissing scene with the support male lead, Mo Juefeng’s facial color immediately darkened. Before the kiss could occur, he had shouted ‘cut.’

Then he willfully decided that filming was going to stop at this point again today. He didn’t seem to care about the progress of the filming at all.

He was burning his own money without a thought. Ning Shu felt that this was such a tyrannical display of wealth.

Mo Juefeng pointed towards Mai Douer and Mai Douer immediately flushed. Everyone else immediately came to the conclusion that Mai Douer’s lack of acting skill had ended up angering the crown prince.

Mai Douer was the only one that saw the scorching possessiveness in Mo Juefeng’s eyes. She didn’t dare to meet his gaze and hastily got in the car.

Ning Shu shook her head and started driving, but Mai Douer said, “Big Sis Chen, can you drop me off over there?”

“You’re going to stay out today too?” asked Ning Shu.

Was this the tempo of flirting with Mo Juefeng everyday now?

“Big Sis Chen, I don’t really want to go back for the time being. Mo Juefeng brought me a villa in Clear Water Pack.” Mai Douer was blushing slightly as she said bashfully, “Mo Juefeng said that this was our little place and that I could live there from now on.”

“A villa? He gave you a villa after just one night? The crown prince sure is generous,” said Ning Shu with a smile. “Seems like you’re really about to soar into success. Congratulations!”

Mai Douer played with her hair as she smiled. “I was also really surprised when he said that.”

That night, Mo Juefeng had brought her to that villa and after that night, he gave the villa to her.

At that time, she felt like she had won the lottery with a ticket she had picked off the ground. She had embarrassedly refused the villa, but Mo Juefeng insisted on giving her the key to the villa.

Ning Shu glanced over and saw how Mai Douer’s entire face was glowing with happiness, then she saw that there was a luxury car parked in front of them, so she stepped on the brake and said, “Hey, your man’s waiting for you over there.”

Mai Douer opened the door to head over to the other car.

Ning Shu watched until the car in front of her took a turn and disappeared from sight before starting the car to head back to the apartments.

At the entrance of her apartment, she encountered Xia Yi, so she lifted her brows. He was such a handsome young man, but her heart actually didn’t react in the slightest at the sight of him.

She felt that there was something wrong with her aesthetic tastes now.

“Big Sis Chen, I’ve already finished filming the commercial, is there any other work available?” Xia Yi flashed his white teeth at Ning Shu with a big grin.

He was seriously handsome.

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