QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0633

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Chapter 633: Why Am I Suffering So Much?

Mai Douer lost her role of female lead.

Ning Shu never expected Mo Juefeng to take away Mai Douer’s role of female lead just like that. It was clearly because Mai Douer had hit his new flame.

However, Mai Douer’s relationship with Mo Juefeng was seriously too strange. For better or for worse, in the original storyline, they had been so passionately in love. How did they end up like this?

Bindings of fate were nearly impossible to cut, but Mo Juefeng now loathed Mai Douer this much. Could it be that Mo Juefeng had already fallen in love with his new flame?

This development was seriously weird.

Ning Shu looked over and saw that Mai Douer was sobbing so hard her shoulders were shuddering. She really felt the urge to just stuff something in Mai Douer’s mouth so that she’d quiet down.

What was she traumatizing herself like this for? From the start her health was weak, but she insisted on being so heartbroken like she couldn’t live another day without love.

Mai Douer cried as she pressed on her stomach. When she felt blood trickling out again, she started panicking and shouted towards Ning Shu, “Big Sis Chen, my stomach hurts! It really hurts!”

Like it was being ripped apart.

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu suddenly felt like she had lost all interest in this. There was no meaning at all. This girl was fully capable of killing herself off. Couldn’t she calm down a little? She didn’t have the guts to actually kill herself, so she just continued to torment herself over every single little thing like this. Was it really that painful to live without Mo Juefeng?

Ning Shu called the doctor over and the doctor said that Mai Douer had caused her injury to reopen, so they had to operate on her again.

Ning Shu: What the f*ck?

“I’ll have to trouble you, Doctor.” Ning Shu waved them off weakly, then stood in front of the operating room doors to wait.

How many times has it been already? It was her first time ever encountering a female lead with such a fancy way of courting death. This female lead seriously didn’t care about her own body at all.

When Mai Douer was once again pushed out of the operating room, there seemed to be an air of death hovering around her.

“The patient must stay in bed and rest. She can’t be allowed to get up and move around. If the injury gets worse again, we’ll have no choice but to remove the womb entirely,” said the doctor grimly.

Ning Shu: …

“Thanks, Doctor. I got it.” Ning Shu nodded.

When Mai Douer woke up, Ning Shu immediately told her about the severity of her condition. Mai Douer couldn’t get off the bed and shouldn’t get too stirred up.

Upon hearing this news, Mai Douer’s tears rolled down silently. She then turned her dull eyes towards Ning Shu and said lightly, “Since I can’t even have children anymore, what’s the difference between having a womb and not having one?”

F*ck! Ning Shu hit her heart. She suddenly felt really exasperated. She was exasperated on behalf of the original host too, for having lost her life because of someone like this.

Mai Douer was a heartless person. She even treated herself this way, so it was obvious how she treated others. She treated love as everything, so she didn’t even notice when she hurt others. With Mo Juefeng doting on her, she was able to live a simple little life basked in happiness.

Nothing in the outside world could hurt her. But the current Mai Douer, every time she was hurt a tiny bit by the outside world, she’d amplify the pain and concentrate it on herself to torment herself like she was a masochist.

She was seriously a tragic female lead ah.

In Ning Shu’s opinion, she was a complete nutjob!

Mai Douer cried silently. She was probably scared of losing her womb after all, because she stayed on the bed and didn’t move around too much.

Ning Shu poured Mai Douer a glass of water and placed it by the bed. Mai Douer looked straight at Ning Shu as she asked, “Big Sis Chen, why am I suffering so much?”

Ning Shu really wanted to answer ‘you brought it on yourself,’ but she took into consideration Mai Douer’s current state and just said softly, “Don’t think about other things and focus on recovering first.”

Mai Douer didn’t say anything else and just continued crying. Ning Shu was pretty annoyed. Facing someone that started crying the moment they woke up every single day was seriously depressing.

Knock knock…

There came sounds of knocking from the door. Ning Shu turned around and saw a woman in a white dress walk in. She was holding a bouquet of lilies, which made her flawless pale face look even more pure and beautiful.

Surprise showed on Ning Shu’s face. She never expected for Mo Juefeng’s new flame to actually come visit Mai Douer.

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