QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1050

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Chapter 1050: He Had a Gun!?

That was why, not only did she have to damage Chu Xiaoran’s power on the surface, she also had to eliminate Chu Xiaoran’s underground influence.

Chu Xiaoran was truly powerful. He was practically blessed by the heavens.

As Ning Shu drove, she glanced in the rearview mirror to look at the person following her.

She thought about things for a moment, then drove towards a rather desolated area. Finally, she was blocked by several cars.

Inside the car, she pressed the button on her watch to send the signal.

The window on one of the cars rolled down, revealing a face that Ning Shu was very familiar with. Chu Xiaoran turned to look at Ning Shu. “Lawyer Xu, we meet again?”

Ning Shu secretly pressed the button on her watch several more times as she said, “Chairman Chu?”

Ning Shu glanced around, then said lightly, “We actually encountered each other in such a desolate place. We truly have fate.”

Chu Xiaoran smiled towards her. “It’s not a coincidence at all. I came specially for you.”

Ning Shu pressed on her watch again as she looked at the burly men surrounding her. These men emitted baleful bloodthirst. They were clearly people that already had blood on their hands.

Ning Shu’s heart sunk. Chu Xiaoran’s company had previously looked like it was on the verge of collapse, but when she saw Chu Xiaoran’s subordinates now, she got the feeling that Chu Xiaoran was trying to transfer his assets underground. He planned to only build his influence underground now?

This wasn’t what she wanted to see.

She was worried that Chu Xiaoran would start trying to expand his influence in the gray area. If he didn’t have to deal with the bindings of law, he’d be even more like a fish in water.

Ning Shu kept pressing on her watch, but she didn’t dare to make her movement too conspicuous. She said to Chu Xiaoran, “Then, Chairman Chu, did you need me for something? This large display of troops is quite frightening.”

Chu Xiaoran laughed vilely. “So Lawyer Xu also feels fear? I thought that Lawyer Xu didn’t fear anything in this world? I certainly didn’t see any fear when you were standing on the plaintiff area.”

Chu Xiaoran waved his hand and the surrounding men moved forward. One man reached out to open the car door, but Ning Shu had locked it.

“Open the door!” shouted the man with a sinister expression. He smashed the window and tried to reach in to open the door, but Ning Shu punched him on the nose. The man immediately got a pouring nosebleed and passed out on the ground.

Chu Xiaoran glanced at the unconscious man, then glanced at Ning Shu coldly. “Catch him. I’ll personally deal with him.”

Ning Shu was originally planning to drive off, but her car was surrounded on all sides so she couldn’t move at all.

In the end, she was dragged out by the men. Chu Xiaoran got off the car. His black leather shoes shone as they stepped onto the yellow soil. He was tall and handsome, almost like an emperor of the darkness.

Ning Shu stomped on the crotch of the guy grabbing her arm. The guy groaned in pain and bowed over as his knees bent in. He was in so much pain that his eyes were rolling back.

Chu Xiaoran’s facial color darkened. Several men quickly surrounded Ning Shu.

Ning Shu was a little worried. She had already sent out the signal, so why was there no movement? Could it be that this place was too remote so the signal was bad?

She looked at the people surrounding her. She had no plans to fight them head on. Right now, she was just trying to break free and run.

Ning Shu’s entire body was tense. She chose a direction and tried to break through.

These men attacked very ruthlessly, but Ning Shu’s skill was about the same level as theirs. She had started practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts the moment she came to this world. Although she wasn’t able to get energy to form, the base strength of her body had increased greatly.

Ning Shu pulled up her pants, took off her suit, and took out a dagger. As the men charged towards her, she directly stabbed towards their most vital parts.

In any case, it was either they died, or she died.

She injured several of the men. Just as she was about to stab her dagger into one of the men’s throats, she felt that something cool had been pressed against her head.

Ning Shu glanced over and saw that Chu Xiaoran was holding a gun and pressing it against her temple.

Ning Shu’s heart trembled. Chu Xiaoran actually had a gun!?

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