QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0631

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Chapter 631: Got in a Fight with Mo Juefeng’s New Flame

Mai Douer was pressing on her stomach even in the car. She seemed very uncomfortable, but her gaze was still fixed on Mo Juefeng. When she saw that Mo Juefeng was chatting happily with the girl with a smile, she was very hurt and jealous.

“Is that girl Mo Juefeng’s new flame?” Mai Douer seemed to be asking Ning Shu. Ning Shu looked over and narrowed her eyes. “Probably.”

Mai Douer’s facial color immediately worsened.

Ning Shu drove to the apartments. After Mai Douer washed up, she headed straight to her bedroom to rest without even eating dinner. It seemed that she was seriously worn out.

This task would probably end in a few days. The current Mai Douer no longer had a romance or a career. In all honesty, Ning Shu could barely stand looking at Mai Douer as she tried to act.

Perhaps it was because Mai Douer had too much on her mind or perhaps it was because she had spent too much of her time trying to curry favor with Mo Juefeng, but her acting skills hadn’t improved at all.

Mai Douer got up very early the next day. After eating a little, she had Ning Shu take her to filming.

Ning Shu saw that Mai Douer’s facial color was even worse even after resting for a night, so she asked, “Will you be able to hold up?”

Mai Douer glanced at Ning Shu coldly. “Even if I can’t hold up, don’t you still have to force me to go? If I don’t go, how will the company gain any profits and how will you gain any achievements? Are you really worried about my health? Anyways, I have to continue acting. After all, could it be that I should just stand by and watch as that vixen steals away my man, then steal away my role as well?”

Ning Shu: …

Fine, the current Mai Douer was just filled with complaints. Any casual remark from someone would make her explode.

Ning Shu didn’t say anything else and took Mai Douer to the filming location. Mo Juefeng was still there.

When Mai Douer saw Mo Juefeng, her heart clenched in pain. In the past, Mo Juefeng would be present because of her, but now Mo Juefeng was present because of another woman.

It made her heart convulse with pain.

Whenever Ning Shu saw Mai Douer make that expression like she was suffering the greatest sorrow and pain that existed in the world, she’d feel pain in her balls. There was really no need to mind these things so much. Since these things have already passed, it should just be set down.

Was there any point in being so conflicted over this? Could it be that Mai Douer still hasn’t realized how bad her situation had gotten? Rather than waste time being so hurt over this and that, why not just focus on work in order to secure her future?

Personality determined one’s fate. In the original storyline, she had been fortunate enough to have Mo Juefeng who would deal with everything for her. She didn’t have to suffer at all, so while basking in Mo Juefeng’s affection, a lot of her personality traits didn’t become revealed.

However, the current Mai Douer revealed a lot of her innate traits like her ego; her extremely selfish ego.

Mai Douer suppressed the sadness she was feeling. However, during the filming, she got in a fight with Mo Juefeng’s new flame. While they were acting, as she looked at the woman whose face was right in front of her, her blood rushed to her head and without thinking, she started slapping the woman.

She got good slaps in, but right after she was kicked to the ground by Mo Juefen. That kick had been hard and had been aimed right towards her stomach.

She hugged her stomach with both arms. It felt like her stomach was splitting open. That sharp ripping pain caused her to pass out.

Mo Juefeng paid no attention to Mai Douer who was unconscious on the ground and pulled that woman into his arms to gently comfort her.

Ning Shu: …


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