QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0661

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Chapter 661: Culinary Exposition

When they got to Rui’s cave, there were already a lot of people gathered there. The ingredients were placed on the ground outside the cave and Qian Jia was currently welcoming the females enthusiastically with fruits.

Then she started getting busy making the food.

The female beastmen were really curious about how Qian Jia had been able to make such fragrant food. They were especially curious about the Swiss Army knife Qian Jia was holding which was able to cut the meat easily.

Qian Jia generously explained the process to them and answered all the questions they had.

Qian Jia felt that the fact that she could change the environment with her abilities was something to be proud of.

Ning Shu observed Qian Jia. She was wearing a different T-shirt from before and had on an animal fur skirt. Her hair was casually smoothed into a French braid and tied with a lace ribbon in a butterfly bow.

It was a simple hairstyle that emphasized her beauty. The disparity between her and the surrounding female beastmen was sky-high.

Ning Shu continued staring at that lacy ribbon. She couldn’t help but wonder if that was the lace from her underwear.

When Zhi saw how pretty Qian Jia looked, she reached up to touch the wildflower in her hair. It was clear that she was feeling inferior.

Ning Shu pulled Zhi’s hand and whispered, “Zhi, I feel like you’re prettier than Jia.”

Zhi smiled, then joined the group to ask how the meat was cooked.

Ning Shu sat down on the stone stool and propped up her chin as she watched Qian Jia hustle about. She was holding a fish and telling the female beastmen that this was edible.

The females expressed their doubt. This wasn’t edible. It had spikes that caused people to choke to death.

Qian Jia smiled in a mysterious way as she placed the fish in the stone pot and simmered the fish into a milky white stew. It was quite fragrant.

Ning Shu smiled. This was the reason why the original host hadn’t wanted to get revenge on Qian Jia. Even though her future mate became one of Qian Jia’s mates, she had never held a grudge against Qian Jia.

This was because Qian Jia’s arrival truly did improve the living conditions of Winged Tigers Tribe. All the things that flew in the sky, that swam in the water, were transformed into delicious food under her hands.

She greatly expanded Winged Tigers Tribe’s diet and increased the amount of food they had available during the winters. With the discovery of the salt mine, they were able to store food much longer as well.

The houses made it so that beastmen no longer had to live in the damp and cold caves.

Qian Jia had a lot of meritorious achievements; nothing could ever erase the fact that she made great contributions.

Cao just wished that she could keep living. In this harsh environment, survival was forever of the most importance.

Cao didn’t hold any grudges against Qian Jia. The only thing she didn’t understand was why she had been abandoned by the tribe.

After a good while, all the sumptuous dishes were ready. With so many delicious smelling things on the stone table, all the female beastmen were struggling to keep their saliva from overflowing.

Qian Jia gave each female a stone bowl and chopsticks made from branches. The beastmen didn’t know how to use the chopsticks and wanted to use their hands to get the meat in the soup. However, the soup was very hot so they had no choice but to clumsily use the chopsticks.

Ning Shu pretended that she wasn’t familiar with the chopsticks and acted like it took a while to get use to them. Then she picked up a piece of meat and placed it in Zhi’s stone bowl because Zhi looked like she was about to go crazy from hunger.

Zhi immediately used her hand to pick up the meat in the bowl and stuffed it into her mouth. Immediately afterwards, she exclaimed exaggeratedly, “It’s delicious! I’ve never had something so good!”

Qian Jia’s eyes flickered when she saw that Ning Shu had gotten used to the chopsticks so quickly. However, when she heard what Zhi said, she said with a smile, “This is just simple boiled meat. If there were more seasonings, it’d taste even better.”

“It can taste even better?” Zhi’s eyes lit up. “It’s already so delicious, but it can be even better?”

All the other females were also exclaiming in shock and admiration. They used their most sincere words to praise Qian Jia.

Qian Jia looked towards Ning Shu who remained completely unperturbed and asked, “Who are you? I’m Qian Jia, you can call me Jia.”

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