QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0863

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Chapter 863: I Can Explain!

Ning Shu didn’t question why 2333 vanish and first sat down to start absorbing the substance in the system space to start strengthening her soul.

She was almost scared to death by the sight of how thin her soul was. Her current state was even worse than when she had first entered the system.

She couldn’t understand why the task this time had harmed her soul so much.

Ning Shu didn’t know how long she had been cultivating but her soul was finally strengthening. She opened her eyes. When she saw that her soul was no longer as transparent, she loosened a breath in relief, then started opening fire on 2333.

“Where the hell did you go?” Ning Shu’s tone was very irritated. She had definitely been transferred to the wrong location again. She had become a man for the second time!

2333 hastily said, “Let me explain! I can explain! I really can explain! Ning Shu, let me explain…”

Ning Shu: (╯°Д°)╯┻━┻

Then frickin’ explain already!

“The location was off again this time, so I felt like my system either got a bug or a virus. That’s why I applied to the main system to request for a fix and was gone during this time. Can you understand me?”

Fudge, he had left her alone by herself in the task world and didn’t even respond to her at all. She even thought that she would have to live out the rest of her life in that world. Would he frickin’ be able to understand her?

Ning Shu said mildly, “With so many defects, why didn’t you apply to just be reformatted? That way all the issues would be gone.”

Ning Shu suspected 2333 of purposefully pretending to be dead.

“Wuuwuuwuu… How can you be so cruel?” said 2333 while crying.

Ning Shu suddenly felt very helpless and she said, “I encountered a task-taker this time. She was very strong.”

“And this task-taker insisted on getting my true heart.”

System 2333-sama hastily asked, “Then did you fall in love with her? Did you give her your true heart?”

“How’s that possible? How could I possibly fall in love with a woman?” Ning Shu snapped back in an annoyed tone.

“That’s good.” 2333 sighed in relief.

Ning Shu was a little confused and asked, “Would there be a problem?”

“Some task-takers not only focus on gaining high experience, they also try to get some extra income in task worlds. They do all they can to get some extra resources,” said 2333.

“As for why this task-taker wanted your true heart, it’s because the power of people’s hearts are very strong. An untainted heart filled with pure true love is especially powerful and very useful for task-takers. The more powerful the person is, the more pure and strong their true heart is,” explained 2333.

Ning Shu became even more confused. “Something like this is allowed?”

“As long as the task-taker doesn’t damage the planes. Some things are hard to evaluate from the get-go so it all depends on the task-taker’s own wisdom. Of course, it’s also a skill for a task-taker to be able to obtain another person’s true heart,” said 2333 mildly.

Ning Shu nodded, then took a moment to pray Amitabha Buddha for the men who had their true hearts tricked out of them. However, it was still a case of a person that was willing to hit and a person that was willing to be hit.

“Then how come so much of my soul was used up in this task?” asked Ning Shu.

“That task-taker probably had some sort of item. You were resisting the power of that item with the energy of your soul, which was why it got worn out so much.” 2333 sounded a little frustrated with her as he said, “Hurry and get stronger already. You’ll be encountering all sorts of entrustors and task-takers in the future. If you’re this weak, you’ll end up getting killed.”

“I’m working hard,” said Ning Shu. “It’s not like I can frickin’ become strong all of a sudden. Do you think I’m not in a rush to get stronger?”

2333 said, “You’re just too rigid in the way you do things. You don’t know to be flexible. Everyone else is working hard to gain resources while doing tasks, but you only get a little bit of attribute points and experience points in each task without any other harvest.”

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