QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0666

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Chapter 666: Pursuing Beauty is Instinct

When Zhi saw that Ning Shu only had herbs in her basket, she hastily said, “Cao, why do you have so little? I’ll give you some of mine.”

“It’s fine. These are herbs. Once we get back, I’ll dry them, then sprinkle some in the cave. They can ward off mosquitoes,” said Ning Shu.

Even if she brought back the cooking ingredients, there was no way to use them since she didn’t know how to cook. In addition, there weren’t even cooking tools here, so she had no interest in trying to cook at all.

“Alright, then I’ll help you collect herbs,” said Zhi with a smile. Her face had beads of sweat, but she was smiling very brightly.

Ning Shu took this in. They were only out collecting herbs, but the female beastmen were extremely happy. Perhaps they were happy because they found something that they could do.

The entire group was very enthusiastic. The baskets of the female beastmen were filled with all sorts of edible things like wild vegetables, ginger, and pepper.

The male beastmen were protecting the female beastmen and holding the baskets for them.

Ning Shu was holding a wooden stick and using it to push aside the brambles to look for herbs. Her luck was pretty good since she was able to find some useful herbs that could cure the common cold and ones that could treat external injuries. This particular herb could be chewed, then rubbed onto injuries to stop bleeding.

Ning Shu’s basket was the emptiest out of the entire group while Zhi’s basket was so full that it could barely fit anything else. As long as Zhi heard that something was edible, she’d shove all she could inside the basket.

When she couldn’t fit any more inside her own basket, she started shoving stuff in Ning Shu’s basket.

Ning Shu was pretty speechless. Why was she grabbing so much when she didn’t even know how to cook with these things?

Suddenly, Qian Jia, who was walking in front, cried out as she fell and tumbled into a sand dune. She ended up getting mud in her mouth.

When Qian Jia cried out, all of the male beastmen instantly tossed aside the baskets they were holding and swarmed towards Qian Jia.

Several female beastmen also ran over in concern to help Qian Jia up.

Zhi looked over, a beat slow, at this commotion. Ning Shu saw that there was a small snake that was flickering its tongue as it opened its mouth to bite Zhi’s leg.

She revolved her energy as she lifted the branch she was holding to hit the snake’s head. The snake’s head to became completely deformed as it was knocked away.

“Cao…” Zhi stared at Ning Shu in surprise, then her face filled with realization and fear.

Ning Shu said in annoyance, “Pay attention to your surroundings and keep a stick in your hand.”

“Al-alright…” Zhi hastily picked up a tree branch and mimicked Ning Shu in using it to lift aside brambles.

Ning Shu looked toward Qian Jia who had only tripped. Everyone had gone over to see if she was alright. These male beastmen paid no attention to the female that was truly in danger since their focus was all on Qian Jia.

Pursuing beauty has always been instinct since ancient times. Reality sure was cruel.

Qian Jia, who had fallen down, sat there blankly with the sand in her mouth. Rui was besides himself with panic when he saw Qian Jia like this. Even Kai who has always been very composed looked worried.

“Jia, what’s wrong?” asked Rui worriedly.

Qian Jia spat out the sand in her mouth, then hugged Rui as she laughed happily.

Ning Shu walked over and picked up a bit of the sand to taste it. It was salty. This meant that there was probably a salt mine beneath here.

It was no wonder that nothing was growing in this area.

“It’s salty. It’s salty! We found salt!” shouted Qian Jia happily. The thing she had lamented over most since coming to this world was the fact that there was no salt. Things cooked without salt were seriously bland.

But she had actually managed to find a salt mine!

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