QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0643

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Chapter 643: A Rather Veteran Task-taker?

After a nasty incident like this, the awards ceremony naturally couldn’t continue. In addition, the host organization had to endure a huge amount of pressure. One of the big shots of the entertainment world had been splashed with sulfuric acid at the ceremony they were hosting and his current condition was still unknown. Meanwhile, an actress who was at the very center of the limelight had actually died at the scene.

A pair of perfect sweethearts had actually ended up like this.

Ning Shu’s legs felt a little weak as they were heading back, so she had Qiao Yi drive.

Ning Shu closed her eyes and mentally asked 2333, “Is Qiu Xin dead?”

“Yes, she’s been exterminated,” replied 2333. His tone was indifferent like he was just stating the weather.

As expected. Ning Shu had been expecting this.

“Not only do task-takers have to finish their tasks, they have to protect themselves as well. They have to have a good grasp of the scale of things no matter what their task is.” After saying that, 2333 stopped speaking.

Qiu Xin ending up dead was a surprise, but also reasonable. She had only been thinking about trying to get more points and hadn’t considered the fact that her actions would drive Mai Douer crazy to the point she would go this far for revenge.

In her carelessness, she had ended up getting killed by Mai Douer. She had looked down on Mai Douer, so she had probably never expected to die at Mai Douer’s hands.

Mai Douer was a spring that had been compressed by Qiu Xin to the limits, so she rebounded towards Qiu Xin with insane ferocity. Qiu Xin had been too careless, so she died.

Ning Shu had thought from the start that Qiu Xin was playing with fire and would eventually get burned. Feelings were something that was very weak and changed a lot. There was no way to perfectly control them.

Qiu Xin had been playing with other people’s feelings, and this was the consequence.

Ning Shu asked 2333, “From the way Qiu Xin had talked, she was probably a rather veteran task-taker, so why was she so careless?”

While she worked on tasks, she’d constantly be paying attention to her safety and trying to think of ways to increase her martial arts level because if she died, everything would end. Logically, since Qiu Xin was a senior, there was no way she wouldn’t understand this logic.

“A veteran? Veterans wouldn’t mingle in low-level planes. She’s a newcomer like you. She probably got a taste of sweet success at the start, so she came to believe that besieging men was the best way to complete tasks and didn’t take into consideration any of the other factors even though every task is different. I’ve always thought that your brain was missing a few bolts, but unexpectedly there turned out to be someone whose brain was even worse than yours. The world is truly large and full of extraordinary things. Truly, full of extraordinary things,” said 2333 with a heartfelt sigh.

Ning Shu: …

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