QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0695

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Chapter 695: Xie’s Mate Doesn’t Treat Her Well

Ning Shu didn’t know who Xie was, but the fact that she did this meant that she hated Qian Jia a lot.

She had actually shoved Qian Jia down and cause Qian Jia to have a miscarriage. What exactly made her hate Qian Jia so much?

No matter how much Ning Shu didn’t get along with Qian Jia, she had never considered doing anything to the child in Qian Jia’s belly. No resentment should be carried down to the children. Killing innocent children was something Ning Shu still couldn’t bring herself to do.

“Why? Don’t all the females in the tribe like the divine maiden a lot?” asked Ning Shu, surprised.

Zhi sighed and said, “Xie’s mate doesn’t treat her well.”

Ning Shu lifted her brows. She already had an idea of what this might be about, but if it really was true, then it was seriously messed up.

“Xie’s mate is always saying that if it weren’t for the fact that he had already become mates with Xie, he could’ve become the divine maiden’s mate, so he would often hit Xie. At the same time, he would talk about how good the divine maiden is, how she was pretty and knew how to do so many things. He showed so much contempt for Xie,” said Zhi with a sigh.

Ning Shu scoffed. It was pretty much like what she had been thinking, all the calamity had been caused by charm. However, men were seriously disgusting. They ate from the spoon while looking into the bowl, longing for what was in the pot.

Qian Jia was also pretty much asking for trouble by accepting so many male beastmen since it made all the male beastmen in the tribe want to join her harem as well.

If Qian Jia had stuck to only having Rui as a mate, would the other male beastmen start to harbor this kind of hope?

She had brought this on herself.

“The tribe chief is saying that Xie’s to be driven out of the tribe. Being driven out of the tribe in this cold weather means that she’ll die,” said Zhi. “Xie’s really pitiful.”

“She did do something wrong after all. She had been too rash,” said Ning Shu. It was important to always consider the consequences of things. If she was going to do something, she should’ve done her best to plan things out more perfectly.

The most disgusting one out of this entire group was Xie’s mate.

It seemed like Qian Jia was about to transform the prehistoric culture into one that was completely brothel-like.

Qian Jia’s charm was seriously terrifying. Her cheat level was seriously maxed out.

When Qian Jia woke up and found out that her child was gone due to that female beastman’s shove, she immediately started making a ruckus. She screamed that she was going to kill Xie to get revenge for her child.

Qian Jia hauled her exhausted body over while clenching a Swiss Army knife to go kill Xie.

Xie was kneeling at the place of offering. When she saw Qian Jia coming towards her with a vengeful expression while holding a knife, her face went pale with fear and she started trembling.

Qian Jia’s mates didn’t stop her since this was nothing but a female beastmen. If her death could allow their divine maiden feel a little better, it was good.

The tribe chief also didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to offend the divine maiden. No one in Winged Tigers Tribe stepped up to speak for Xie.

As Qian Jia stood in the swirling snow, she felt like a wild beast was tearing her heart apart. She had lost her first child! A lowly prehistoric female beastman had actually dared to do something like this to her!?

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