QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0639

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Chapter 639: Even Though I’m an Innocent Party!?

She couldn’t believe that the company had abandoned her like this. What had she worked so hard to act for? She even got involved with Mo Juefeng for the sake of a better future, for the sake of gaining better resources! The company had gotten a share of all the money she earned from acting!

However, now that something had happened, the company immediately abandoned her and sold her out. If her contract got terminated now, wasn’t that the same as telling everyone that this incident was true? That she had been someone’s mistress and had gotten an abortion? How could they do this?

They were throwing stones at someone who was down so heartlessly!

Mai Douer looked at her manager and felt that her manager’s face was indescribably sinister. She was exactly the same as the company.

“You promised me that you would plea for leniency for me, but the result is a termination agreement?” Mai Douer threw the contract at Ning Shu’s face.

Ning Shu took a step back and didn’t allow the paper to hit her face. She was extremely speechless. What did Mai Douer treat her as? It wasn’t like it was her job to serve Mai Douer unconditionally.

Her job was to do things for the company, not for Mai Douer. Mai Douer seriously didn’t have her head screwed on right.

Ning Shu picked the contract up from the ground and placed it in front of Mai Douer. “You should sign it. The company will give you compensation.”

Mai Douer’s tears overflowed and she grabbed Ning Shu’s hand as she beseeched, “Big Sis Chen, I’m begging you, don’t treat me like this. I’m already in so much pain! Help me tell the company that I’ll definitely work hard!”

“Mai Douer, for better or for worse, you are one of the talents under my management. This incident is blowing up, so the company has to save its reputation,” said Ning Shu mildly.

Mai Douer started falling apart and shouted, “For the company’s reputation, you’re abandoning me? Even though I’m an innocent party?”

Ning Shu: I…

How the hell were you an innocent party? These were all facts, alright?

Ning Shu was a little annoyed now. Having a talent like this probably shortened the manager’s life by ten years. It would probably be a good thing if Chen Xi could get away from Mai Douer.

Mai Douer had used dishonest methods to gain what she wanted, but now she was saying that she was innocent. It was seriously disgusting.

When Mai Douer saw that she really had no other choice left, she finally signed the contract. With this, Mai Douer and Ning Shu’s work relationship was broken off. Ning Shu placed the contract in her bag and left.

Mai Douer’s heart felt empty when she saw Ning Shu leave and she was also terrified. She had already gotten used to her manager taking care of everything for her so that she didn’t have to worry about anything. Now that she suddenly lost her manager and didn’t have anyone to take care of things for her anymore, she couldn’t help but feel scared.

She clenched the check in her hand tightly. This ten million was the breakup fee that Mo Juefeng had given her. She’d definitely rise up again and make these people that had looked down on her regret. She’d make the company, her manager, and Mo Juefeng regret abandoning her!

And she’d make that woman who had made her fall to this point pay the price!

Perhaps it was because she had gained a motive, or perhaps it was because she had already fallen to the lowest point of life, but Mai Douer stopped soaking in resentment and sadness and started focusing on recovering.

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