QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0652

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Chapter 652: The Issue of the Roasted Meat

She didn’t dare to try to eat spirit essence crystals to speed up the training because there was no energy inside her body that could absorb the crystal’s terrifying spirit energy. If she ate one in this state, she would likely die from her body exploding.

She sighed, then glanced towards the meat that was dripping with blood. How was this supposed to be eaten? After roasting?

Ning Shu: …

Seriously, anyone that stayed for a while in a prehistoric era would definitely appreciate the convenience that Qian Jia brought and think of her as a divine maiden, an envoy of the Divinity.

Ning Shu grabbed the meat that was still dripping with blood and headed to her neighbor’s house. “Let’s eat together.”

When Zhi saw that Ning Shu had brought all of the meat over, she asked, “Are you going to eat all of it? You’re not storing it? Once the sky has two hands of glowing round stones, it means that winter will soon be here.”

Two hands of glowing round stones? Ning Shu’s eyes whirled. There were ten moons?

The frick!?

But at least it wasn’t ten suns.

Ning Shu’s lips twitched. “It goes bad easily so it’s better to just eat it.”

“It’s not very hot right now so it won’t go bad that easily. The hunting group says it’s hard to find prey when it’s cold, so you should save up.”

“Alright.” Ning Shu really wanted to ask if there was salted meat. Storing meat plain like this definitely wouldn’t work.

There was no choice but to wait for Qian Jia to discover a salt mine so that everyone would have salt. It was very much expected for Qian Jia to do amazing things like that, but if she did it, it’d be viewed as very strange.

Ning Shu didn’t want to stand out. Sometimes being special caused even more trouble.

Zhi helped Ning Shu roast the meat. She didn’t even wash off the blood and directly started roasting it. However, fresh blood contained salt so roasting it like this was a pretty good method.

The beastmen in the hunting party would always suck the prey’s blood dry after they successfully snapped the prey’s neck to replenish on sodium.

Beastmen had their own ways of living that was slowly figured out over the decades.

However, Ning Shu seriously had no appetite at the sight of that blackened lump of meat.

Once Zhi finished roasting the meat, she handed it to Ning Shu. Ning Shu took a sniff, then took an experimental bite. The meat was pretty tough and tasted earthy and salty.

However, since she would need an enormous amount of energy to practice the Unsurpassable Martial Arts, she continued chomping on the meat and forced it down.

She handed the rest of the meat to Zhi for her to handle with the excuse that she wasn’t feeling well.

Zhi agreed to help and even told Ning Shu to rest up well since Wu had said that Cao might not have long to live and might soon be taken away by the Divinity.

Ning Shu: …

Prehistoric people sure had frank personalities. Anyone in the modern world would think that Ning Shu was just being lazy and pushing off work to other people.

She returned to her cave to continue training.

Whenever she couldn’t take the hunger anymore, she would shove a fasting pill into her mouth and then continue. She was extremely glad that she had exchanged for fasting pills before this task, otherwise there was no way she would’ve been able to hold up.

Meanwhile, Qian Jia, who had been brought to Rui’s cave, was in even more despair than Ning Shu. When she saw this man throw a lump of roasted meat in front of her, her forehead became covered with black lines. In addition, she couldn’t understand what this man was saying.

Even now, she was completely confused. Where had she transmigrated to? Everyone transmigrated to the ancient era to flirt with beautiful man, so why did she transmigrate straight into prehistoric times?

And there were a bunch of prehistoric people that could transform into tigers? Qian Jia wanted to just bury her head in her hands and scream. Beastmen!? WTF!?

Rui told Qian Jia again to eat, but Qian Jia just stared at him blankly. When she saw that he was pointing at the meat, she picked it up and patted off some of the dust before taking a bite. Then her teeth almost shattered. This was impossible to chew…

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