QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0698

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Chapter 698: Lead the Tribe Onwards

“Hurry! Hurry! Pack up to leave!” shouted the tribe chief sharply.

“Cao, I’m scared!” Zhi grabbed at Ning Shu tightly and Xie kept a nervous grip on Zhi.

Just like in the original storyline, these male beastmen first took the seeds, then protectively escorted Qian Jia away while telling the female beastmen that they would come back right away for them.

There were a few females that were lucky enough to be taken along.

But a lot of females and little beastmen were left behind.

Damned bastards! shouted Ning Shu in her heart as she watched these beastmen fly away. They could’ve completely come back later for the seeds! They should’ve gotten the people somewhere safe first!

It was clear that to these male beastmen, the seeds and Qian Jia were the most important.

“Zhi, don’t be scared. Go gather everyone,” said Ning Shu as she fended off the wild animals that were charging into the tribe.

Zhi’s entire body was trembling, but she gathered all the females and brought them to the place of offering. There were too many animals for Ning Shu to fend off, so she dug out poison and spilled it on them.

When she got back to her cave, she saw that it had already collapsed. She hastily gathered up the pile of sharpened sticks and headed with them towards the place of offering. On the way, she saw that a lot of females had already been ripped apart by the wild beasts.

There were also corpses of young beastmen.

Ning Shu moved to save a young male beastman that was in his tiger form. The little tiger was currently trying to hide from a pack of wolves so she scooped him up while throwing poison towards the salivating wolves.

When she got to the place of offering, she saw that Zhi was currently huddling with a group of female beastmen. A lot of them were hugging children.

A lot of animals had gathered around the area, but there seemed to be a transparent force field keeping these animals out and keeping the beastmen in the place of offering safe.

Ning Shu sighed in relief. At least these people were fine.

Even though she had no idea what was going on with these force field.

The wild beasts hadn’t been able to reach the people inside the force field, so when they saw Ning Shu, they immediately swarmed towards her. Ning Shu threw some of the sharpened sticks she was holding to impale the wild beasts pouncing towards her.

“Cao, hurry and come in!” Wu sounded very tired and aged.

Ning Shu entered the force field and asked in surprise, “Old lady, they actually left you behind?”

This old lady was the highly respected Wu though.

As expected, when calamity hit, everyone flew in their own separate directions.

“This is the power the Divinity has granted me. I don’t have much longer to live, so you’ll have to take care of these people,” said Wu while coughing. “Every generation of Wu would gain a bit of divine power from the Divinity.”

Ning Shu: …

So she had actually bumped into luck by saying that her power was granted by the Divinity? This also meant that she wasn’t actually the next successor.

The force field soon began to dim. It looked like a bubble beneath the sunlight.

Ning Shu hastily handed out the sharpened sticks and said calmly, “There’s nothing to be scared of. I’m here.”

“Zhi, in a bit, lead everyone to the cavern. I’ll protect you guys from behind,” said Ning Shu.

Zhi’s lips were trembling from fear, but she nodded while clenching the wooden stick tensely. Tears were whirling in her eyes, but she was already doing a lot better than the other females.

The females had gotten used to the protection of the males so being suddenly thrown into this sort of situation left them completely lost.

The ground was still shaking. Just the aftershocks were enough to make their footing unstable. It was only now that Ning Shu realized how hard this task was.

Fear was what truly create the most terror. That and the unknown future.

With a loud bang, the force field-like thing shattered. Wu shoved the divine stone into Ning Shu’s hand and, with blood overflowing from her mouth, said firmly, “Lead the tribe onwards.”

The divine stone which was a little hot from Wu’s grip. That heat felt exceptionally clear to Ning Shu as she watched Wu collapsed to the ground and disintegrate into ashes.

She bit her lips. Her throat felt a little tight. She saw the myriad world stone on the offering table and grabbed it before heading with the females and children towards the cavern.

Zhi staggered nervously as she led everyone. Ning Shu followed behind the ground while holding a bloody wooden stick. Her beast skin and face were covered with blood as she stared warily at the wild beasts that were chasing after them.

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