QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0647

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Chapter 647: A Divine Maiden

Ning Shu was stunned for a moment, then she reflexively reached out to touch her chest only to find that there was something like animal fur on it. It was very stiff.

She seemed to feel some parts that hung down. It felt sticky and dirty, but she still sighed in relief. She thought she had become a man again.

Ning Shu discovered that she was very dirty. Her entire body was covered with dust, her hair was in greasy strands, and there was a strange smell.

She could barely stand it. In addition, she felt very sick. Her head was spinning and she kept coughing. From the looks of it, this body had caught a cold and was having a high fever.

“Cao, you woke up? You woke up!” A woman who was dressed similarly walked in. When she saw that Ning Shu was sitting up in a daze, she hastily set down the firewood she was holding.

“Cao, you really woke up! Wu said that there was a chance you’d die, but unexpectedly you woke back up.” This woman got very close to Ning Shu, so Ning Shu was hit with the sour sweaty odor coming from her body. It was so strong that she felt like her stuffy nose was cured.

“Cao, what’s wrong? Cao, say something?” When that woman saw that Ning Shu was just staring blankly, she became worried.

When Ning Shu heard that this woman kept saying ‘cao,’ she was confused as to whether this was a modal particle, or whether this was this body’s name.

It seemed like this task’s environment was going to be pretty harsh.

Ning Shu wanted to reply to her, but when she opened her mouth, she realized that though she could understand the words, she didn’t actually know how to speak. To Ning Shu, this woman’s words sounded like she was roaring, so it actually took a lot of effort to understand.

She shook her head at the woman, then lay back down. As soon as she did that, she was surrounded by the moldy smell of the grass that turned out to be very damp.

What the fuck was this place!?

When that woman saw that Ning Shu closed her eyes, she didn’t bother her anymore and just added some firewood to the fire pit before leaving the cave.

Once the footsteps faded, Ning Shu had 2333 give her the medicine she had exchanged for. This body had a cold.

She forced herself to dry swallow the pill, then started receiving the storyline.

This was a prehistoric society. An age of wild savageness, of raw meat, of cave-dwelling and wilderness. In the prehistoric forests, every living creature was evolving to survive in this harsh environment.

The original host’s name was Cao. She was a female of the Winged Tigers Tribe. She had fallen into a river filled with piranhas earlier and if the tribesmen hadn’t quickly saved her, she would’ve already been torn apart by the piranhas. The females had weak bodies from the start, so this incident along with the fright caused her to fall victim to a cold.

The tribe’s Wu poured some strange things down Cao’s throat, but it wasn’t able to wake her up. Then Ning Shu came.

This was a world of beastmen. Every male had the ability to transform. The Winged Tigers Tribe for example would transform into winged tigers that could fly for combat.

Other than the Winged Tigers Tribe, there was a Black Snakes Tribe whose male members were capable of transforming into snakes and using their enormous bodies to crush prey to death.

In any case, there were a lot of different beastmen like snakes, bears, foxes, lions, etc.

They all use their enormous strength to hunt and protect the tribe members.

Compared to the male’s powerful ability to transform, the females were far weaker. They didn’t possess the ability to transform and their bodies weren’t very strong either. It was very difficult for females to live to adulthood in such harsh conditions.

That was why females were very precious to all beastmen tribes since their existence concerned the reproduction ability of the tribe.

However, one person’s arrival caused the entire beastmen world to go through a drastic change. A college student, Qian Jia, had gotten lost in a forest while traveling. As she walked, she eventually ended up in the prehistoric forest.

Qian Jia was almost killed by the dangerous beasts in the forest, but luckily the members of the Winged Tigers Tribe who were out hunting encountered her and saved her. Following that, they brought her back to the tribe.

Qian Jia never imagined that she would actually end up walking to such a place.

When she was asked where she came from, she lied and said that she came from another continent that was very far away from this place, so far that she’d never be able to return.

Following that, Qian Jia started a large-scale plan to transform the prehistoric world. She made pottery, built houses, found cereal seeds, vegetables, and allowed the beastmen of this world who had only ever had roasted meat to taste delicious foods they had never eaten before.

Ning Shu didn’t know how Qian Jia who wasn’t even capable of differentiation between garlic chives and wheat sprouts ended up having cheat-like abilities after coming to the prehistoric world to the point she was able to find all sorts of cereals and spices, she truly did improve the living conditions of the beastmen.

Qian Jia had fair skin and delicate looks. It was very different from the female beastmen in the tribe. There was only comparison when there was a point of contrast. After those males saw Qian Jia, they started appreciating beauty.

In the past, the females were what they were, but now they had seen Qian Jia with her white skin and delicate little looks. She wasn’t as dark as the female beastmen and she didn’t have fur like them.

A lot of the males of the Winged Tigers Tribe liked Qian Jia and Qian Jia was even dubbed a divine maiden.

#comment: Cao means grass, but is often used in modern Chinese as a homophone for a curse that’s the equivalent of f*ck. Zhi means branch, Wu means witch/shaman, and Qian Jia means thousand beauty.

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