QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0659

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Chapter 659: Busy Days

After walking out from Wu’s cave, Ning Shu bumped into Kai. However, she didn’t think that he was here for her.

They had only had one conversation since she came to this world, which was: “I heard you fell sick?” “Oh, I’m better now.”

They hadn’t interacted at all aside from that one time. Ning Shu suspected that Kai didn’t like the original host at all. Even if Qian Jia hadn’t appeared, their relationship probably still wouldn’t have succeeded.

Kai was stunned when Ning Shu walked past him without saying anything and he hastily turned around to catch up with her. “Why are you leaving?”

Ning Shu looked towards him in surprise. “You’re looking for me?” If you were looking for me, why didn’t you say anything?

Kai stared at Ning Shu for a moment, then said, “I heard from Zhi that you’re studying with Wu. You… Do you want to become the Wu?”

“That will depend on Wu. I’m only learning medicine from her,” replied Ning Shu calmly.

Ning Shu discovered that Kai didn’t seem to care much about her at all. However, from as far back as the original host could remember, Kai had been her future mate.

There was probably a reason behind the fact that Kai was set as the original host’s mate. However, there was no chance she and Kai would become mates at this point.

The one in Kai’s heart was Qian Jia and her current task was to become the chairman of the women’s association and save the female comrades of the Winged Tigers Tribe.

She had no time for this guy.

Both of them fell silent because they didn’t know what to say, so the atmosphere became very awkward.



“You can go first,” said Ning Shu.

After a moment of hesitation, Kai said, “If you want to become the Wu, I’ll help. I promised your pa that I would look after you.”

Ning Shu: …

She suddenly didn’t know what to say. Kai sounded very sincere, but his future mate was about to become the Wu and face a lifetime of solitude, and he was actually offering to help.

Ning Shu: I…

She gave a polite smile that made her face even uglier as she said, “Thank you, but I can deal with my own matters myself.” Then she turned and left.

It seemed like Kai becoming Cao’s future mate had to do with the original host’s dad and Kai was only doing it out of duty.

Kai stared at Ning Shu’s back for a while, then he finally left with a sigh.

As Ning Shu passed her days busily, Qian Jia and Rui’s days were also quite bountiful.

Qian Jia knew that she wouldn’t be able to return to her world, so she decided to do her best to live happily here. She was pretty satisfied to have a husband that loved her so much.

She worked hard to make her life become a bit better. Since she couldn’t get used to the stone beds, she wanted to make a wooden bed. Even though this ‘wooden bed’ was just planks of wood on top of the stone bed, it was still a bit more comfortable.

She put substantially more effort into making the food taste better and even invented a stone pot. Although it wasn’t very versatile, it was still able to cook the tough meat until it was tender.

Rui would also often take her out to see the forest, so whenever she encountered some good ingredients like pepper and ginger, she would collect them because it helped get rid of the meat’s fishy stench.

By adding some sour and sweet wild fruits while cooking the meat, the flavor improved a lot.

Every day, fragrance smells would drift out from Rui’s cave. It was pretty much driving all the tribe members crazy. Several would try to get into Rui’s cave to have a taste of what was making that delicious smell.

However, Rui, who was totally in love with his wife, would always drive them out. The amount his mate made was barely enough for him to eat; he didn’t want the food his mate had worked so hard to make to be eaten by these people.

Every time Qian Jia saw that other people liked the food she made, she would feel very happy. Before she transmigrated here, whenever she encountered something she liked to eat, she would take some time to learn how to cook it. She hadn’t expected for her culinary skills to one day come into such great use.

She wanted to fully become part of this tribe and especially wanted to become friends with the females, so she told Rui that she wanted to invite the female beastmen to dinner and asked him to make some more stone bowls.

Of course, more meat had to be prepared too. However, Rui immediately went to start hunting without complaint.

When the female beastmen heard that the new female was inviting them to dinner, they were very happy because it was already widely known that the things that female made were very tasty. As for how tasty, they didn’t know.

The day of the dinner, they all headed towards Rui’s cave excitedly.

Ning Shu wasn’t interested in joining in this liveliness because through these last few days of continuous training, she had finally managed to form a bit of cultivation energy.

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