QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0670

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Chapter 670: I Like You Quite a Lot

“Everyone, go ahead and eat! If it doesn’t taste good, don’t say it out loud, otherwise I’ll be hurt!” joked Qian Jia with a sweet smile.

The tribe chief laughed heartily. “The only fear is that there won’t be enough to eat, how could it possibly not taste good? Hey! I’m the tribe chief! I haven’t even started eating, but you guys are already eating?”

Everyone entered the battle to snatch food. Rui pulled Qian Jia over to sit down next to him and said gently, “You should eat too. You’ve worked so hard today.”

Qian Jia smiled. As she watched these beastmen scramble and fight each other to eat the food she made, delight arose in her heart. It felt seriously good to be needed and valued.

Ning Shu saw out of the corner of her eye that Kai, who was sitting next to her, was glancing towards Qian Jia from time to time. His gaze was very complicated. It contained a hint of melancholy, gentleness, and conflicted struggle.

Seeing it almost gave Ning Shu the feeling of being constipated.

Zhi fell in love with the heavy taste of the Sichuan poached sliced fish in hot chili oil. Qian Jia was the one that had found the chili. The moment she saw it, she had thought of making this recipe.

Some beastmen loved this dish while others didn’t dare to eat it. Ning Shu ate until she was full, then set down her chopsticks and stopped eating.

The beastmen were uncontrollably attracted to this food, but to Ning Shu, the taste was very ordinary.

“Cao, why aren’t you eating?” Zhi was still stuffing food into her mouth when she saw that Ning Shu had set down her chopsticks. She immediately got more food for Ning Shu. “Eat more.”

“You should eat. I’m already full,” said Ning Shu with a smile.

Qian Jia noticed that Ning Shu had already stopped eating even though the other beastmen were all still eating. All the beastmen were still eating enthusiastically with great relish even though they were burping from fullness.

Ning Shu’s indifferent expression was a clear contrast in this scene, so it made Qian Jia unhappy. “Cao, these dishes don’t suit your taste?”

The moment Qian Jia said this, everyone sitting at the table looked towards Ning Shu. Ning Shu’s lips twitched as she said, “I’m already full. I can’t eat anymore.”

Could it be that she should keep eating even if she was full? Even if a celestial pill was offered to her right now, she wouldn’t be able to eat it.

“Oh, I thought that you didn’t like it. What do you like to eat? If I know how to cook it, I’ll teach you.” Qian Jia felt that this beastman named Cao was quite different from the other beastmen.

She sensed that Cao didn’t like her. However, everyone in Winged Tigers Tribe treated her very well, so why would Cao harbor enmity towards her?

Ning Shu didn’t know why Qian Jia insisted on talking with her and just replied half-heartedly, “I like eating all of this. I’ve never eaten so many tasty foods before.”

Satisfaction flashed through Qian Jia’s eyes and she smiled sweetly towards Ning Shu. “Cao, I like you quite a lot. Let’s talk more often in the future.”

Although Qian Jia was smiling towards Ning Shu, Kai who was sitting next to Ning Shu was captivated by that beautiful smile. He almost felt like that beautiful sweet smile was being directed towards him.

As the rays of the sun illuminated Qian Jia’s face, it bathed her in a pure white glow that caused Kai’s heart to start pounding.

Ning Shu said, “I like you a lot as well. Let’s talk more in the future.”

This was the hypocrisy of people in the modern era. Although they clearly didn’t like each other, they both said that they liked each other.

This meal lasted until the moon rose above the trees. Ning Shu and Zhi returned to their caves. Zhi was holding a stone bowl that contained some moist salt crystals.

“Jia gave this to us. This is enough for us to eat for a very long time. Jia said that meat will taste really good if we rub a bit of this on while cooking it,” said Zhi.

Ning Shu looked towards the sky. There were already three moons now. Zhi had said that winter would arrive when there were ten moons in the sky.

This world only had a summer filled with torrid heat and a winter filled with bitter coldness.

From what the original host remembered, it was hardest to survive winter. The cold weather and constant snow meant there was no prey. Whenever winter arrived, a lot of female beastmen would die.

Ning Shu felt that there was a need to make proper preparations ahead of time.

As she looked at the three large moons, she suddenly felt that the god’s sense of esthetics was pretty twisted. Two suns and ten moons? Really?

“Zhi, don’t use too much of the salt. It’ll come in very useful later,” said Ning Shu.

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