QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0651

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Chapter 651: The Second-in-Command, Kai

Rui seemed to sense the little female’s fear because he pulled her to his cave.

Although Qian Jia left, the female beastmen continued looking in her direction. They were very curious about this little female.

“She looks strange, but she’s pretty,” said Zhi with a sigh.

Ning Shu half-hearted agreed. “She is.” Then she turned around to head back to her cave to practice the Unsurpassable Martial Arts.

Since the task was to survive and do her best to save others, she’d definitely need strong martial arts.

She suddenly felt like no matter where she was and what plane she was in, she couldn’t rely on other people, especially men. Nothing had even happened yet, but these men were already completely fixated on Qian Jia.

However, she only managed to take two steps before Zhi pulled her to a stop. “You’re not going to grab any meat?”

“Oh…” It was only now that Ning Shu recalled that the hunting group would always distribute some of the meat to the females after the hunting expedition.

Since Rui had left, the second-in-command was in charge of distributing the prey, and that was the original host’s future mate.

Ning Shu sized up the man called Kai. His skirt was black with yellow fur, so his transformed state was probably a striped tiger. He was very handsome with copper skin, defined muscles, and a pair of tiger pupils.

These male beastmen fitted the modern sense of beauty pretty well. It was practically like they were made for Qian Jia.

They were really mysterious existences too since they were actually capable of switching between an animal and human form even though t wasn’t like they were spirit beasts that had attained high cultivations.

Kai handed Ning Shu a couple pieces of bloody meat as he said, “I heard you fell sick?”

“Oh, I’m better now.” Ning Shu was very indifferent towards Kai. After all, he wasn’t her man and there was no way she’d fight over a man with the female lead. In addition, she had more important things to deal with.

Even the fact that he was ungodly handsome couldn’t get in the way of her pressing desire to go practice Unsurpassable Martial Arts. She wanted to find out as soon as possible whether she’d be able to practice Unsurpassable Martial Arts in this world or not.

After grabbing a few pieces of meat, she left. Kai wanted to talk to her more, but he still had work to do.

When Ning Shu got back to the cave, she placed the meat on the stone stool and sat down on the ground to start meditating. It was the prehistoric era so the world should have plenty of spirit energy.

After training for a while, she felt her body trembling involuntarily. It seemed like this body wasn’t capable of cultivating.

If she couldn’t cultivate, then she’d be completely helpless. How would she be able to protect herself? So Ning Shu continued persisting on cultivating until she was so starved she wanted to eat the bloody meat on the stool raw.

She quickly shoved a fasting pill into her mouth. As the energy flowed into her stomach, she felt her hunger ease somewhat.

She frowned. The bodies of the female beastmen were unusual. In the school doctor uncle’s terms, it was probably a defect in the genes.

Male beastmen were so strong, but female beastmen were so frail that pregnancy and childbirth would often kill them.

Or was it that the male genes were evolving to fast and the females were unable to keep up with the evolution since they were always being protected by the tribe?

Fudge! Ning Shu slapped her own head. What the heck was she thinking? Her brain wasn’t made for considering such profound questions!

She persisted in training because she seriously needed strength, but to her dismay, she wasn’t able to get any energy to form at all. She just ended up being extremely hungry and having to eat several fasting pills.

The energy formed from practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts was capable of reforming the body and increasing the body’s innate strength. After going through several worlds, Ning Shu was already used to the way the Unsurpassable Martial Arts worked.

However, she had never felt training to be as difficult as she did now. It was clear that this body’s potential was extremely poor.

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